About YU

Al Yamamah University was initially established as a singular college, “Al-Yamamah College.” It emerged as the second venture by the Alkhudair family into the private education sector within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, following their pioneering creation of the inaugural private schools known as Altarbiya Alnamouthajiya Schools (TNS) back in 1957, in Riyadh.

The progression of Al Yamamah College into a fully-fledged university is a tale of diligent dedication and commitment. In 2001, the college secured the endorsement of the Ministry of Higher Education, officially recognizing it as a national higher education institution. In September 2004, it welcomed its inaugural cohort of students, subsequently admitting its first group of female students two years later in September 2006.

A pivotal juncture arrived in 2008 when the late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, in acknowledgment of the institution’s unwavering dedication and meticulous planning, issued a royal decree elevating Al Yamamah College to the status of a university. This transformation was emblematic of their unflagging endeavors to establish a distinguished Saudi educational institution that delivers exceptional undergraduate and postgraduate education.

Strategically located on King Fahd Road to the north of Riyadh, Al Yamamah University’s expansive educational campus sprawls across a substantial area of over 160,000 square meters. These facilities stand as a testament to adherence to the latest global standards for educational institutions.

The university’s foresight regarding the paramount significance of the English language in domains such as business, knowledge, and technology has been apparent from its inception. The decision to conduct its programs in English was motivated by the aspiration to nurture a generation of graduates proficient in navigating the global business landscape with acumen and ingenuity. To actualize this vision, Al Yamamah University forged a long-standing partnership with INTERLINK International Institutes based in the United States. Renowned for its project-based, learner-centered curriculum, INTERLINK International Institutes equip students with the essential English language and academic proficiencies imperative for success in their undergraduate studies and prospective careers.

Across three prominent colleges – the College of Business Administration, the College of Engineering and Architecture, and the College of Law – Al Yamamah University delivers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The institution’s purview extends further with the Executive Education Center, which is dedicated to fostering youth capabilities and empowering individuals and entities through high-caliber training initiatives, conducted in collaboration with prominent local and international organizations.

Endowed with a plethora of esteemed academic accreditations from bodies such as the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Evaluation, the Saudi Education and Training Evaluation Commission, and the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) in the United States, Al Yamamah University stands as an embodiment of educational excellence.

The university’s extensive network of academic alliance and partnerships with renowned international institutions, along with its scientific and research partnerships with domestic and global corporations, translates into numerous training and employment opportunities for its students and alumni. This collaborative approach has significantly contributed to achieving remarkable rates of graduate employment within notably brief periods after their graduation.

Al Yamamah University takes pride in its distinguished alumni, many of whom have ascended to prominent leadership positions within both public and private sectors. Their endeavors encompass groundbreaking entrepreneurial initiatives and philanthropic contributions that actively drive progress, ultimately shaping the future economy.

Notably, Al Yamamah University’s commitment to advancing educational access remains unwavering. This is underscored by its recent expansion endeavors, culminating in the inauguration of its academic complex in the eastern region, situated in Al-Khobar. Embodying the latest educational benchmarks and technological advancements, this extension strives to offer an unparalleled educational milieu. Commencing in the academic year 2022-2023, Al Yamamah University-Al-Khobar welcomed its inaugural cohort of students pursuing the university preparation program.

In essence, the journey of Al-Yamamah University from its inception as Al-Yamamah College to its current stature as a distinguished educational institution stands as a testament to perseverance, foresight, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.