Ghazi Algosaibi Chair for Development and Cultural Studies

Universities functioning as higher education institutions are the primary incubators for the support and development of scientific research. There is no doubt that the benefits of scientific research and its impact extend to all groups and segments of the society. This is evident in the concept of “community partnership”, through which both individuals and the society with its institutions contribute effectively to supporting research and science. The outcome of this collaboration is the development and growth of the society, solving its problems, and enhancing its competencies and capabilities.


Academic research chairs in modern universities are considered one of the most effective means to support serious research systems in various fields of knowledge and to achieve intellectual excellence in scientific, economic, social and fields. Such research chairs contribute to developing creativity and innovation and achieving the desired benefit from the technologies and capabilities available in universities to serve society and solve its problems.

Al-Yamamah University is an ambitious young academic institution. Therefore, it has been keen on effectively participating in meeting the scientific and practical needs of the community to fulfill its duty and to achieve the vision of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince. This how the and why the Ghazi Algosaibi Cultural Studies Chair was launched. The chair was named after Dr. Ghazi Algossaibi, the patriotic figure who is known for distinguished literary and intellectual achievements, in addition to his distinction and dedication in all the positions he held throughout his 50-year tenure.


Cultural studies is a field of knowledge in which the various humanities and the Chair converge and interact. The Chair will benefit from this comprehensiveness, to focus on the diverse and serious cultural activities that contribute to the service of the society, its development and its culture.



To promote various cultural studies that can contribute to an effective role in raising public awareness, enriching the culture of the society, establishing knowledge partnerships with bodies concerned with cultural development, providing specialized consultations and studies to various governmental and private agencies and supporting sustainable development inside and outside the Kingdom.

  1. Creating the appropriate environment for research and development in the field of cultural research and studies.
  2. Attracting distinguished researchers and scientists worldwide to benefit from their expertise in supporting the programs and outcomes of research and cultural studies.
  3. Providing financial resources and alternatives to support scientific research programs in the field of the Chair.
  4. Linking the outcomes of scientific research to the needs of the society to achieve sustainable development.
  5. Adding a serious knowledge structure to the existing systems of the university and developing them regularly.
  6. Supporting a sound research culture and creative thought inside and outside the university.
  7. Contributing to the enrichment of the national, Gulf and Arab cultural fields with specialized knowledge works.
  8. Providing cultural consultations for the governmental or private authorities concerned.
  1. Proposing and conducting high-caliber in-depth research in various literary and intellectual fields in a periodic book.
  2. Attracting a group of specialized researchers to prepare an honorary book on Ghazi Al-Qusaibi covering literary, administrative, and political aspects of his personality.
  3. Organizing periodic academic and cultural knowledge events that attract the most prominent national, Gulf and Arab figures.
  4. Providing social, administrative and economic development studies on the most important development issues that serve the needs of citizens and the interest of the society.
  5. Holding cultural knowledge partnerships with similar entities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries to exchange experiences and competencies.

The Chair covers scientific research in all fields of culture and literature to serve the University’s mission and the needs of the society, support scientific research in target areas, and meet the needs of the funding bodies.

  • Prof. Hussam M. Ramadan
  • Dr. Naser S. Al-Hujailan
  • Mr. Abdulrahman K. Al Khudair
  • Mrs. Shehana K.  Alkhudair
  • Dr. Abdullah M. Al-Shalahi
  • Dr. Nasser bin Saleh Al-Hujaylan
  • Dr. Khalid bin Ayesh al-Hafi
  • Dr. Hind bint Abdul-Razzaq Al-Mutairi
  • Mr. Abdulwahab bin Mohammed Al-Fayez
  • Mr. Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Khwaiter
  • Dr. Amra Al-Rashidi