College of Business

Currently, the College of Business offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with five majors: Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing, and Management Information Systems. As well, the College offers a robust Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA).


We aspire to become the first choice for public and private sectors to recruit business professionals and leaders.


We develop entrepreneurial-minded business leaders through quality education, impactful research, and meaningful local and business community partnerships.

In this context, developing transformative ideas and leaders means: 

  • We expect our programs to be rigorous, transformative, and innovative, at the intersection of technology and business analytics.
  • We expect the College of Business to be a leader within Al Yamamah University and to play a significant role in connecting the university to the movers and shakers in the Saudi economy; both in the public and private sectors.
  • We expect the College of Business to take the lead in pushing the frontiers of business knowledge, creating new opportunities, and promoting economic growth and business sustainability.
  • We expect our programs to develop entrepreneurial thinkers and innovative business leaders and professionals who dream big, take risks, and foster innovation and creativity.
  • We expect our faculty, staff, students, and alumni to take the lead in shaping the future of business, and society, and create growth and opportunities that move the Saudi economy to the next level and enhance its regional and international competitiveness.

Our Values

  • Excellence: we strive for excellence in everything we do: teaching, research, and services. We set high expectations for ourselves and our students. We are committed to bringing the best to our community and we recognize and celebrate their outstanding contributions.
  • Integrity: we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We keep our promises and hold ourselves and others accountable for words and actions.
  • Innovation: we are committed to a culture that fosters ingenuity, curiosity, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and risk-taking.
  • Respect: we are faithful and respectful to our religious values and cultural heritage. We have faith and trust in our people, and we treat each other with respect and dignity.
  • Transparency: we conduct our activities with full disclosure and openness. We take responsibility for our actions and decisions.
  • Engagement: we build and nurture meaningful partnerships to advance our strategic objectives in serving our local community and enhancing learning and scholarship.

Dean’s Message


Welcome to the College of Business Administration. We, at the College of Business Administration, take tremendous pride in the fact that Al Yamamah University was founded in 2001 as a single college under the name of Al Yamamah College of Business and then it was elevated to a university-wide status in 2008. Despite its relatively short history, Al Yamamah University is recognized as one of the first pioneer private higher education institutions in Saudi Arabia and it has established its national reputation as one of a very few quality education providers. Currently, it consists of three colleges (College of Business Administration, College of Engineering & Architecture, and College of Law) and the Interlink English Program. The College of Business Administration is the largest and the backbone of Al Yamamah University.

Today, we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us to build on their success and move the College of Business Administration to the next level in a direction that reflects its core values and achieves the aspirations of its founders, faculty, staff, students, and alumni alike. This represents a great opportunity for all of us to write a new chapter in the history of Al Yamamah University and the College of Business Administration in particular.

At the College of Business Administration, we are fortunate to have supportive board of trustees and university leadership that envision the College of Business Administration as one of the leading business education providers not only in Saudi Arabia, but also in the MENA region within the next five-ten years.

To achieve this vision, the College of Business Administration is upgrading its strategy, its operating model, restructuring its programs, renewing its core values, and upgrading its capabilities and skills. These initiatives will lead to a lean and focused College of Business Administration and make it more attractive to talented faculty, students, and staff alike. As well, these initiatives will increase the competitiveness of the College of Business Administration, improve the quality of its programs, and strengthen its image as one of the leading private college of business that is known for quality education.

One of the first steps we have taken at the College of Business Administration is to initiate the process for the strategic vision and plan for the next five years: 2020 – 2025. This strategic plan will shape the future of the College of Business Administration in the next decade and beyond and it will serve as a road map to guide its priorities, policies, decisions, and the allocations of its resources. As well, it will unite our efforts to work together as faculty, staff, students, and alumni to move the College of Business Administration into a new era of growth, progress, and national and international recognition as one of the leading and quality Colleges of Business Administration not only in Saudi Arabia, but also in the MENA region.

Our strategic plan is motivated in part by two transformative developments in the business environment both at the national and international levels. First, Saudi Arabia is a country in transformation with a dynamic, vibrant economy that is the largest in the Middle East and one of the top 20 economies in the world. Second, the global business environment is going through transformation due to rapidly changing technologies, the availability of data, and the power of business analytics.

These emerging business challenges and opportunities create the need for a new generation of innovative business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals, equipped with the right set of skills that integrates traditional business competencies with technology and business analytics. Located in Riyadh, the political, economic, and cultural hub of Saudi Arabia, the College of Business Administration has an unparalleled opportunity to be at the forefront of this transformation and it should be in the position to anticipate this transformation and contribute to it through providing the vision 2030 generation of business leaders and professionals with the necessary skills, knowledge, expertise, and confidence they need to excel in the increasingly competitive marketplace and create value for business and society.

We, at the College of Business Administration, will not only keep pace with the changing needs of the various economic sectors in the Saudi market, but we will anticipate future changes and we will play a significant role in shaping the future of businesses, society, and create economic growth and opportunities through our impactful research and transformative teaching experience. We will provide our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed and create competitive advantages not only to their companies and organizations, but also to the national economy and take it to a higher level of growth, efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness at the regional and international levels.


Dr. Abdulaziz M. Alwathnani

Dean of College of Business

Members of the Advisory Board

Chairman and CEO of EY Middle East and North Africa (MENA)

abdulaziz alsowailim

CEO of Ashmore Saudi Arabia

Abdullah alshowaier2

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Medgulf Insurance

Tariq alnaeem

Finance professor at Hult International Business School.


Associate Professor of Accounting at the College of Business Administration at KSU.


Chief Transformation Officer at Riyad Bank

fahad alsemari

General Manager for Mergers and Acquisitions at Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)

Turki al maadi

MD & CEO and Co-founder of Falcom Holding Company and Falcom Financial services.

Adeeb AlSowailim

College of Business

P.O. Box 45180 – Riyadh 11512
Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 11 2242222

Ext:  3688(Men’s campus)

Ext:  4203 (Women’s campus)

Direct lines:

011-485 8634 (Men’s campus)


FACULTY NAME Position Extension #
Dr. Abdulaziz Alwathnani Dean of COB 3636
Dr. Naimattalla Shah Chairman of Management and Marketing Department 3147
Dr. Raheel Gohar Chairman of Accounting & Finance Department 3149
Mr. Ashraf Owaidat Administrative Assistant to the Dean 3688

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