Students Affairs

Student Affairs provides numerous services for students and drives their learning outside the classroom. It seeks to simplify procedures of students’ issues, needs, and concerns during their academic years, guiding them to the right department and assisting them to the benefit from its services speedily. In short, the Student Affairs unit is the home of services that guarantee student success and supports their academic and personal development throughout their academic life as students at YU.

Student ID Card

University card considered as identity for student inside the university and obtain the card benefits outside the university You can apply for it in the admissions office

Exam leave Letter

Student can print out an exam schedule via (edugate) student should print it out and bring it to the student affairs for stamping or request an official letter

Tuition Fee Statement

A letter that states tuition fees in details Can get it from financial department

Request for a Medical Report

Medical Report Request Letter can be found via (edugate) student should print it out and bring to student affairs to get stamped and signed

Letter of Identification

Student can print out an exam table via (edugate) student should print it out and bring it to the student affairs for stamping or request an official letter

Student Club or Activity Registration

The student can visit Student Activities Office in the Deanship of Student Affairs to register or inquire about activities and clubs. Students Events (Click Here) Student Clubs (click here)

Payment of Tuition fees

Steps and Features of SADAD system (Click Here)

YU Email

The format for YU student email address is : Student ID followed by (for example, All official university communication are sent to YU email accounts. You can access email at: (Click Here)


Edugate is Student Information Portal, where students can see their schedules, grades, absences, academic plan, academic advisor, financial record, … etc You can access Edugate at: (Click Here)


LMS is a learning environment where teachers and students make an interaction. Students can download course materials, submit their assignments, projects, quizzes, grades, academic calendar, announcements, policies, and forms … etc You can access LMS at: (Click Here)

Student Skills

 It is an official statement issued by the university to state the non- academic skills (personal and Professional) acquired by the student during his study.