Students Events

Events Calendar 2019/2020

Date Activity Type Title of Activity
9/6/2019 YU Initiatives Annual Eid Al Fitr Meet & Greet Gathering for YU Staff
23/6/2019 YU Initiatives YU Summer Program
9/7/2019 External Participation Professional Development for Programming Professionals – collaboration between Al Yamamah University YU and Saudi Information Technology Company (SITE)
22/7/2019 General Launching the Preparation Program for SABIC Scholarship Recipients
30/7/2019 General Exhibition for Students of Design Fundamentals-2 – Architecture Department
3/1/7/2019 Yamamah Initiatives Honoring of YU Security Unit Staff
4/8/2019 General Concluding the YU-SITE Professional Development Program
18/8/2019 Yamamah Initiatives Annual Eit Al Ad’ha Meet & Greet Gathering for YU Staff
1/9/2019 Yamamah Initiatives New YU Students’ Reception Function
2/9/2019 External Visits Receiving Dr Reema Al Yahya – Deputy Minister for Private Education
4/9/2019 YU Initiatives YU New Student Orientation Day (Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Leaders)
9/9/2019 External Participation Awareness Exhibit (Saudi Alzheimer Association Campaign)
9/9/2019 General Participation of YU COEA Students in Hakathon 2019-Cyber Saber
15/9/2019 Guest Speakers COEA Hosts Guest Speakers from Al Qiddiya Investment Company
17/9/2019 Guest Speakers COEA Hosts Guest Speaker Mr. Askar Al Asaker (Mega Project Management)
17/9/2019 General Bloomberg Training Session in Collaboration with MISK Foundation
24/9/2019 YU Initiatives 89th National Day Celebration
26/9/2019 Student Clubs Accountants Diwaniyah
28/9/2019 Open Session iHR Saudi Community
1/10/2019 General 1st Meeting of Advisory Council – COEA
1/10/2019 Open Session Mr. Hussam Al Kharrat – SAP
2/10/2109 External Visit Mr. Andrew Yip, Consultant at NEOM
8/10/2019 External Visit Dr. Leena Al Tuaimi, Deputy Minister for University Scholarships
12/10/2019 Open Session iHR Mr. Hamad Al Qahtani: Future of HR in light of Automation

Mr. Saud Al Omayer: Future Leader Development

14/10/2019 Guest Speaker (Branding) Mr. Saeed Asbeetah, Dr. Khaled Al Rajhi, Dr. Osamah Al Zahrani

Branding in the Aviation Sector

16/10/2019 Guest Speaker

(YU Pride)

Alumnus Dalia Al Bouri: Importance of the Role of Marketing in Non-Profit Organizations
23/10/2019 Guest Speaker

(YU Pride)

Alumnus Nawal Bakhsh: Legal Developments in KSA and their Impact on International Investment
30/10/2019 Guest Speaker Eliminate Negativity, Encourage Positivity.
-/11/2019 External Visit Schools Visit to YU
9/11/2019 Open Session iHR Mr. Ahmed Al Sudais: HR Practices

Ms. Salwa Al Omran: Internal Communication

13/11/2019 Guest Speaker

(YU Pride)

Future of Engineering Majors in the Achievement of Vision 2030
20/11/2019 Guest Speaker Cyber Security
27/11/2019 Guest Speaker

(YU Pride)

Impact of Computer Programming on the Development of Problem Solution Skills
3/12/2019 General The CEO Dinner
4/12/2019 Guest Speaker Story Telling for Business
7/12/2019 Open Session iHR Mr. Bander Al Ahmadi: The Use of Technology in Talent Acquisition
8/12/2019 Panel Discussion Future of Payments by Fintech & University Relations

Mr. Bassam Al Saloom – CEO Shore

Mr. Abdullah Al Tammami – Hyer Pay

Mr. AbdulRahman Al Harbi – Elm Pay

11/12/2019 Guest Speaker

(YU Pride)

Fundamentals of Marketing Mix and their Practical Applications
18/12/2019 Guest Speaker TBA
Mid Jan to Mid March External Perceptions Namouthajyah Schools and Manhal School Exhibitions
15/1/2020 Panel Discussion (Executive Education Center) Future of Specializations
22/1/2020 Guest Speaker Internet of Things
29/1/2020 Guest Speaker Intellectual Property
5/2/2020 Guest Speaker Sustainability Building
12/2/2020 Panel Discussion (Executive Education Center)
-/2/2020 YU Initiatives Gamers Day
17/3 or 26/2/2020 YU Initiatives YU Alumni Reunion
6/4 or 7/4/2020 External Participation Consultation Hours in Collaboration with Marketing Society
-/5/2020 YU Initiatives YU Graduation Ceremony