Dr. Tariq Al Naeem

Currently, Dr. Tariq Al Naeem is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Medgulf Insurance. Prior to assuming his the CEO position, Dr. Tariq was a Board Member and Chair of the Executive Committee at Megdulf. Dr. Tariq has a vast experience in the financial services industry. As well, he held multiple high-ranking positions in both public and private sectors, most notably, a CMA board commissioner, Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Commerce & Investment, Strategy GM at AlRajhi Bank group, and Asset Services GM at Tadawul Stock Exchange.

Dr. Tariq is a board member at a number of public and private organizations. He has a PhD in Information Systems from UNSW (Sydney, Australia) and B.S. and MS degrees in Computer Science from King Saud University. As well, Dr. Tariq was a faculty member in the Information Systems Departments at both Prince Sultan University and King Saudi University.