Registration FAQ

Registration FAQ

What is my email address?

The format for YU student email address is :

Student ID followed by (for example, All official university communication are sent to YU email accounts.

You can access email at: (Click Here)

What is LMS

LMS is a learning environment where teachers and students make an interaction. Students can download course materials, submit their assignments etc….

You can access LMS at: (Click Here)

What is Edugate?

Edugate is Student Information Portal, where students can see their schedules, grades etc

You can access Edugate at: (Click Here)


Section (1) Registration Questions


How can I register my courses?

  1. Online Registration (Edugate).

Steps of Online Registration (Click Here):

  1. Manual Registration (Registration office).

Steps of Manual Registration as following:

  • Filling the registration form with courses and the sections‚Äô numbers. (Click Here)
  • Submit your form to the registration office to finalize your registration.


How can I know the registration dates?

Kindly visit YU academic calendar on YU Website.

Academic Calendar


How can I know the offered courses?

The timetable for each semester will be announced on:

YU emails & LMS & Edugate.


What is the maximum allowed registered credit hours in one semester?
It depends on the student’s GPA kindly check below :


Undergraduate  Students:

Undergraduate    Students   are  encouraged   to  make  satisfactory   progress   toward  their academic  goals  and  graduation   requirements   in  a timely  manner. However,   since  all baccalaureate   degree  seeking  students  expected  to have  a minimum  Cumulative  GP A (CGPA)  of 2.0/4.0 in their Specialty  and overall  in order to graduate,  it is important  that that they  maintain  satisfactory  progress  both  toward  their  credit  requirements   and the minimum  GP A requirements  for graduation.

Following  criteria will be followed  based on the CGPA of the students:

  • Students with ¬†CGPA ¬†below¬† ¬†1.5/4.0 ¬†can ¬†only ¬†register¬† ¬†up ¬†to ¬†12 ¬†credit ¬†hours’ maximum ¬†for a regular ¬†semester ¬†and 6 credit hours for summer.
  • Students with CGPA ranging from 1.5/4.0 and above can register 18 credit hours/or a maximum ¬†of 19 credit hours (depending ¬†on the current level in the Study Plan, whichever ¬†is greater) ¬†for a regular ¬†semester ¬†and 9 credit hours for summer.

While the minimum ¬†number ¬†of credit hours must be observed, ¬†students ¬†need to get their Dean’s ¬†or the Vice President’s ¬†approval ¬†(with a justified ¬†reason) to register up to 3 additional¬† ¬†credit ¬†hours ¬†exceeding¬† ¬†the ¬†maximum¬† ¬†credit ¬†hours ¬†as ¬†mentioned above.

A maximum  of24  or 25 credits (inclusive  of the Senior Project that does not require class attendance)  may  be granted  to graduating  students  who will be graduating  in the same semester  if a written  permission   is secured  from  the  Dean  of the  College  and a final approval  is granted  by the Vice President.

–¬† ¬†Permission¬† ¬†to take ¬†up to ¬†12 credits ¬†during ¬†the ¬†summer ¬†term ¬†requires ¬†the ¬†Vice President’s¬† ¬†approval.

Р It is NOT allowed  to register  more than  12 credits  in one summer term.

Once a course is passed and credit is awarded,  the same course cannot be repeated.  For a course  that  is failed,  the F grade  counts  in the transcript   CGP A even  if the course  is repeated  and passed;  and every subsequent  grade for that given course also counts in the transcript  CGP A, including  a second  or third F.

Graduate Students:

Graduate  students  are encouraged  to make  satisfactory  progress  toward  their  academic goals  and  graduation  requirements   in  a timely  manner.  However,   since  all  graduate degree  seeking  students  expected  to  have  a  minimum   cumulative   GPA  (CGPA)  of 2.75/4.0 in order to graduate,  it is important  that that they maintain  satisfactory  progress both   toward   their   credit   requirements    and   the   minimum    GP A   requirements    for graduation.

The normal enrollment  load for graduate  students  is 9 or 10 credit hours (depends on the study plan  of the Program)  for a regular  semester  and  6-credit  hours  for the summer semester.  In very  limited  circumstances,   graduate  students  may  register  additional  3- credit hours with the approval  of the Dean of their home college. Students  graduating  by the end of the semester  may  be given  an exception  to register up to 15 CH (inclusive  of the research  project)  in Fall and Spring  Semester  only, if a permission  is secured from the Dean of the home college and a final approval is granted by the Vice President.

Once graduate  student passes  a given course  and its credit is awarded,  the same course cannot be repeated.  For a failed  course,  the F grade  is counted  in the transcript CGPA even  if the  course  is repeated  and passed;  and  every  subsequent  grade  for that  given course will be counted in the transcript  CGPA, including  a second or third F.


How many courses can I register with Interlink levels?
Three courses.


Section (2) Academic Transaction Questions


Sub-Section: Drop courses

Am I eligible to drop more than one course in the same semester? 
The regulations of the university specify that a student may withdraw one course or more during the semester if the number of credit hours left after the withdrawal is not less than 12 credit hours.

Course Drop Form (Click Here)


Sub-Section: Apology-postponement

What is the apology/postponement from a semester?

The student is advised to postpone study in a semester if he knows that he is unable to study that semester. The application should be submitted before the start of the semester. The period allotted expires by the end of the first week of each semester.

As for apology, it is a way to avoid failing all courses in that semester in the event that an urgency stops the student from continuing study. An apology form for a semester can be submitted as of the second week and up to four weeks before final examinations start.

Apology Form (Click Here)

Postponement Form (Click Here)


How many times can I apologize from a semester? 

  • Not allowed to apology more than three times during the study period of the student. (The apology for the summer semester is not counted).
  • The apology should not be for three consecutive semesters.
    Apology Form (Click Here)


Sub-Section: Change College/major

How can I change my major?
Fill the change major form and submit it to the registration office during the registration period.

Change major Form (Click Here)


Sub-Section: Final Withdrawal

How can I withdrawal from YU?
Fill the Final Withdrawal form and complete the requested approvals, then submit the form to the registration office to get your file.

Final Withdrawal Form (Click Here)


How can I print my Transcript?

  1. (Edugate). (Click Here)
  2. Registration office.

Steps of printing the transcript from the registration office as following:

  • Filling the official Transcript Form. (Click Here)
  • Sign the form from the financial department to pay the fees (50 SR).

Submit the form to the registration office to get your Transcript.


Section (3) Transfer Questions


Can I transfer from another university to YU?
Yes, you can under the following procedures:

  • You have to submit the requested documents to the transfer officer in the admission office during the admission period.
  • The requested documents are (official transcript from your previous university and course description).
  • Visit the financial department to pay the transfer fees (1000 SR).
  • The transfer officer will send each case to the transfer committee in the concerned college.
  • The transfer committee will study each case and after the dean approval, they will send the result to the transfer officer.
  • The transfer committee will send all the results to the registration office to insert the results into the system.
  • Within five day visit the registration office to get the transfer result.


What are the conditions of transferring courses from another university to YU?

  • The previous university should be recognized by MOE.
  • The grades earned for the transferred courses should be C or above.
  • The content of the transferred course should be similar to the content of the equivalence course in YU by 70% or above.
  • In case the course is not similar to any course in YU, it can be considered as free elective after getting college‚Äôs approval.
  • The transfer committee in the concerned college will study each case and deiced whether the course can be transferred to YU or not.
  • The total transferred credits should not exceed 50% of the study plan in YU.
  • The transferred courses are not considered in YU CGPA. It considered as Transferred credits.


Can I get equivalency for courses that I studied as a visiting student at another university?
Yes, the student has first gotten the approval of ALYamamah University, which is based on the approval of the college where he/she studies.


Section (4) CGPA & Grades


Is the GPA that I get in the Preparatory Year included in my GPA at YU?
No, current regulations stipulate that the student’s GPA in the preparatory year is not counted in calculating his/her GPA at the YU.


What is the academic warning?
The student gets a warning due to the decrease of the CGPA below the minimum which is 1 out of 4.


What is the academic dismissed?
student will be dismissed in case your GPA below 1:00 or student exceeded the allowed period study and half.


What are the procedures of grade appeal?

  • Fill the grade appeal form (Link).
  • Sign the form from the financial department to pay the fees (100 SR. for first appeal, 150 SR. for second appeal)
  • Submit the form to the concerned college.
  • Within ten working days, the concerned college will send the results to the Registration office.
  • The Registration office will update the system if needed and will notify the students about the results.


Section (5) Visitors students


How can I register as visitor student in YU?
To be a visitor student you have to do the following:

  • Submit the requested documents (official acceptance letter from your actual university and copy of your national ID/Iqama) to the registration office.
  • The registration office will issue your ID as a visitor student.
  • Visit the financial department to pay the fees (2700 SR per hour)
  • Go back to the registration office to register your courses and to get your schedule.
  • By the end of the semester visit the registration office to get your official TS.