Al-Yamamah University celebrates the Saudi Founding Day

Under the patronage of the University President, Prof. Dr. Hussam Ramadan, and the presence of the Vice President, Dr. Walid Abanami, college deans and department heads, Al Yamamah University – Riyadh celebrated the Saudi Founding Day with a large participation of university students, faculty members and staff in the Tuwaiq Building in the University City in Riyadh.

The celebration included many diverse activities, characterized by the Saudi Ardha, traditional food and coffee, popular poems and chants, and traditional costumes, in addition to a display of old cars, horses and camels.

Students celebrated this occasion by wearing traditional costumes, as the participants seized the opportunity to celebrate and highlight the rich and diverse culture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its various regions and colors of its heritage and civilization.

The Founding Day is an important day in Saudi history, as it represents a reminder of the country’s long history, of which the Saudi people are proud. The celebration was a testimony to the unity and spirit of the Al Yamamah University community.