Students from Al Yamamah University participate in a workshop on the concept of sustainability in Formula E racing

As part of interaction with the academic and industrial community, Al Yamamah University students participated in a workshop entitled “The Concept of Sustainability in Formula E Racing,” which was held in cooperation with leading companies in the field of electric car racing. This workshop aims to create interaction with environmental and sustainable technologies, which have become indispensable in the field of motor sports. The workshop’s activities reflect the university’s efforts to enhance awareness of the concept of sustainability and its impact on the future of the automotive industry. The sessions addressed many important topics related to the development of environmentally friendly technologies in Formula E racing, and highlighted how to improve the performance of cars and reduce their environmental impact, through the use of modern and innovative technology. This event is part of Al Yamamah University’s initiatives to encourage students to participate in activities that promote the concepts of sustainability and their application in vital fields such as motor sports.