Al Yamamha University and NCAAA sign accreditation agreement

Al Yamamah University, under the leadership of President Prof. Hossam Ramadan, has given its stamp of approval to (5) academic programs in collaboration with the Education and Training Evaluation Commission. This momentous agreement was sealed in the presence of Dr. Muhammad bin Saleh Bashamakh, the Executive Director of the National Center for Academic Evaluation and Accreditation.

The primary objective of this partnership is to uphold the highest standards of quality, enhancing the overall quality of higher education outcomes. Furthermore, it is a significant step towards realizing the objectives of the Human Capacity Development Program.

The (5) accredited bachelor’s level programs encompass a diverse range of disciplines, including Business Administration with specializations in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, and Management, as well as Law.

It’s important to note that achieving academic accreditation through the Authority’s “Etimad” Center necessitates meticulous preparation. This entails educational institutions or academic programs conducting an exhaustive self-evaluation encompassing all aspects of their scientific, administrative, and service activities. This evaluation serves as a measure of their quality, aligning with the standards set by the center.

Moreover, it underscores the significance of external evaluation by an independent assessment team, ensuring the veracity of the self-evaluation results and the alignment of performance quality with the center’s exacting standards.