Al Yamamah University-Khobar opens the College of Engineering and Architecture and the College of Law.

Al-Yamamah University-Khobar announced this year 2023 the opening of the College of Engineering and Architecture and the College of Law, to achieve its mission in providing academic programs that meet the needs of the labor market and qualifying students with the necessary applied skills in an attractive educational environment.

The College of Engineering and Architecture is one of the scientific and applied colleges that aims to qualify and train new generations of engineers and architects to satisfy the needs of the Eastern Region in the fields of construction and industry by combining ethical practices, creative research, and technical competence in pursuit of excellence, and within standards and specifications that meet the needs of the labor market.

The College of Law also aims to prepare generations equipped with legal skills and working experience to apply the law and embody it as a living reality that serves society and meets the evolving and growing needs of the Saudi legal market.

On this occasion, Dr. Yazid bin Mohammed Al-Suhaibani, the vice-rector of Al-Yamamah University in Al-Khobar, confirmed that the university’s presence at this time is an important event for the community of the eastern region. He pointed out that this educational edifice is a continuation of the university’s march in providing a series of the most important quality educational programs to achieve outputs with high efficiency by employing scientific and applied technology in the educational process so that students of Al Yamamah University can transfer the experience and benefit from it at all levels in the labor market.

The university has been distinguished by its advanced educational programs that keep pace with the requirements of the times and the needs of the labor market, in addition to enjoying a developed infrastructure that allows conducting modern scientific research in priority areas. The university relies on the statistics issued by the competent authorities about the needs of the labor market in the future.