Yasser Almaloy Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Management


An Assistant Professor of Management in the College of Business Administration at Al Yamamah University. My research interests include, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Currently, I am teaching the four sections of MGT 308: Entrepreneurship and Innovation at COBA. Before joining Al Yamamah University, I did my master’s degree in organizational development and leadership from PCOM college in Philadelphia, PA, USA. After that I received my PhD in Business Administration from Osaka Sangyo University in Osaka, Japan. In my Doctoral Dissertation I did comparative research on Saudi and Japanese SMEs. I studied the effect of LMX on Disruptive Innovation and the role of leadership in enhancing organizational innovation performance.


  • Almaloy, Y.  (2023).  Incorporating  Individual  Creative  Thinking  Skills  into  Leadership Development Programs (LDPs) to Enhance Organizational Innovation: With a Special focus on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Osaka Sangyo University Journal of Business Administration, 24(2).
  • Almaloy, Y. (2021). The Effectiveness of Functioning as a Robust Systems and Using Relational Leadership to Enhance Disruptive Innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Osaka Sangyo University Journal of Business Administration, 23(1).


A Study on Relational Leadership and Disruptive Innovation in the Age of Industry

4.0: With Special Reference to the Saudi Tourism SMEs - The Society of Economic

Sociology Conference in Japan. 2021


  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Course (MGT 308) at the College of Bussiness