Mr. Naief Al-Hamid Al-Sharif

Director of Projects & Support Services Department

General Manager of Project Management, Support Services and Public Facilities Supervisor at Al Yamamah University..

  • 20 years of experience in government work, the private sector, project management, strategy management and the development of public utilities.
  • Worked at Saudi Aramco in Dhahran and Riyadh and at the regional facilities of Saudi Aramco.
    He worked as a general supervisor for projects and public utilities, management of operation and maintenance, and support and support services in one of Saudi Aramco's subsidiaries.
    He worked as a general manager for one of the regional facilities in Saudi Aramco
  • Worked as Deputy Director of Strategic Planning.
    Recipient of the Excellence Award in Strategic Planning.
  • Obtained the best program presented by department managers.
    Recipient of the Excellence Award in Performance, Leadership and Achieving Targets for Branch Managers.
  • Worked at Atkins International Engineering Consultancy in the projects of the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) as a supervisor for one of the giant facilities and projects.
  • Holds a Certificate in Introduction (PMP) in Project Management.
  • Certificate in management and supervision of government projects.
  • Holds a certificate in the legal aspects of human resources.
  • Holds a certificate in strategic planning for human resources.
  • Certificate in cybercrime course.
  • Holds a certificate in government financial reports.
  • Holds a degree in Information Technology
  • Holds a degree in artificial intelligence and data analysis in the future of the labor market.
  • Holds a Certificate in Administrative Supervision