Ms. Maisaa Tubail

Instructional Coordinator in Preparation Center / Teacher

In addition to having many years of experience in teaching English language, linguistics and literature within a Saudi context, Maisaa has an international academic background as she lived, studied and worked in USA and Canada.  Maisaa holds a Master’s degree in English from Indian University of Pennsylvania (IUP), USA and an advanced diploma in using technology in education from Athabasca University (AU), Canada.  She taught in King Saud University (KSU) and Princess Nora University (PNU) before joining INTERLINK.  She has also been involved in training programs.  Maisaa has always been passionate about learning (to update her professional skills and knowledge in the world of academia) and teaching.  She is keen on bringing that energy into the classroom, encouraging students to see education as a dynamic process of discovery and continuing development.  Besides teaching, she worked for Saudi TV and in interpretation.  Maisaa is fluent in Arabic and is constantly refreshing her French!