Ms. Nahla Alkaf,

Lecturer of MIS


Ms. Nahla joined Al Yamamah as a lecturer in the college of Engineering and Architecture collage before transferring to Collage of business Administration.

During that time, Ms. Nahla was appointed as a coordinator of the female collage. Her responsibilities included coordinating students schedules, registration and following their academic progress. In addition, she was a member of several committees such as: Quality Committee, Graduation Projects Committee, Credit Transfer Committee, Examination Committee and COOP Committee.

Currently Ms. Nahla is a member of the Management of Information Systems Department, where she teaches MIS courses, supervises students’ projects and provides support and academic advising to MIS students. In addition, Ms. Nahla is a member of ABET Accreditation team, who successfully achieved the ABET Accreditation Standards for MIS Department in YU.  Also, she is a member of the Quality Assurance Committee and the Examination Committee.

Ms. Nahla has a bachelor’s degree with Second Class of Honor in Computer Science from King Saud University. She received her master’s from University of New South Wales in the field of Technology Management.


Noor Khan, El Ali, Alkaf; (2017), Exploring Web Marketing and Features Of Private Saudi Universities, International Journal Of Information, Business And Management


  • MIS 201: Intro to MIS
  • MIS 317: Fundamental of Web Design
  • MIS 327: Database Management and Design
  • MIS 329: Decision Support and Business
  • MIS 427: Information Security Risk and Management
  • MIS 428: Healthcare Information System
  • MIS 431: IT Project Management
  • MIS 433: Internet Business and Web Applications
  • MIS Senior Project


Lecturer, Collage of Business Administration.

Chair of MIS Club.

Coordinator of Female Collage of Engineering and Architecture.