Ms. Nouf AlSafar

Lecturer of Arabic


1 / Bachelor:

  • College: Arabic
  • University: Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University

2 / Master:

  • College : Literature
  • University: King Saud

3/ Ph.D.

  • I ended the systematic study of phase doctorate in the second quarter of the academic year 1436-1437


1 / collaborator at the University of Prince Salman, "College of Education" Dalam Arabic language section for a period of one academic year 1434 AH season.

2 / worked on land "west of Riyadh branch" Association for one year and three months under the name of "responsible deduction" and then under the name of "social worker".

3 / collaborator at Princess Nora pent Abdul Rahman University (PNU) for a period of separation in 1435, and his one semester.

4 / curse "confidence-building", organized by the charity to combat smoking.

5 / diploma enrolled in English at the British Council Institute