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Leading my career with full confidence and professionalism is credited to Al Yamamah University for enhancing my academic and personal skills. I’m thankful for the great journey that led me to where I am today.

Senior Legal Counsel, Diriyah Gate Development Authority

BA. law. Class of 2018

Abdulmalek Al-Alsheikh

Al Yamamah University was my choice. Not only for its expert faculty who enabled me with knowledge, skills and know-how, but for its quality of education which places the learner in the center of attention. This helped me substantially to build my career path in many different ways. Above all, Al Yamamah’s reputation as the maker of leaders was enough for me to be there.

Accounts Receivable Specialist, Tadawul

BA. Finance. Class of 2019

Maha AlKhalifa

I absolutely enjoyed every experience while at Al Yamamah. My teachers made the learning experience valuable. As a finance major, you are able to customize your learning track to best fit the areas that are most applicable to you, whether it is corporate finance, banking, or capital markets. That advantage, along with faculty members who have the experience and knowledge necessary to seamlessly integrate financial theory with real world application led me to secure a job, as well as help me plan and invest for my future.

International Senior Trader , ALawwal Invest.

BA. Finance , class 2020

Sayar Aljabr

Al Yamamah University

Al Yamamah University is located north of Riyadh, on Al-Qassim Highway, and occupies an area of 160,000 square meters. It was designed in accordance with the latest standards for educational institutions.

Latest News

Al Yamamah University Concludes 2023-2024 Sports and Student Clubs Activities

On Wednesday, May 22, the Deanship of Admission, Registration, and Student Affairs at Al Yamamah University held the closing ceremony for the 2023-2024 sports activities and student clubs. The event, held in Sheikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al-Khudair Hall, was graced by the presence of Mr. Abdulrahman bin Khalid Al-Khudair, CEO of Al-Yamamah Educational Company. The […]

22 May, 2024

Al Yamamah University organizes the annual graduation projects exhibition

Al Yamamah University organized the annual Graduation Projects Exhibition on Monday, May 20, 2024, which witnessed the presence of the President of the University, Professor Dr. Hossam bin Mohammed Ramadan, and a delegation from government universities headed by Dr. Ahmed Al Ketbi, in addition to representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Riyadh Municipality. The […]

21 May, 2024

Al Yamamah University and SPIMACO Sign Cooperation Agreement

On Sunday, May 19, 2024, Al Yamamah University and the pharmaceutical company SPIMACO signed a memorandum of understanding to enhance joint cooperation in areas of mutual expertise. This agreement aims to benefit the employment, training, and research sectors by fostering collaboration on studies and research beneficial to both parties. It also includes initiatives for cooperative […]

19 May, 2024

Al Yamamah University President Meets with Faculty Members

On Sunday, May 14, 2024, University President Dr. Hussam bin Mohammed Ramadan held the annual meeting with faculty members at Al Yamamah University. The gathering provided a platform for discussing faculty proposals and addressing their questions. This annual event underscores the university’s commitment to fostering open communication and collaboration within its academic community.

14 May, 2024

Al Yamamah University Team Secures Third Place in Tuwaiq Leadership Competition

Al Yamamah University’s team secured an impressive third place in the Tuwaiq Leadership Qualification Competition with their outstanding project, “My Qurra.” Competing fiercely against six other universities from Riyadh, the team’s success highlights their dedication and innovative capabilities. The achievement is attributed to the collective efforts of team members Ayham Zidane, Ghazi Al-Harbi, Sultan Al-Maliki, […]

13 May, 2024

Al Yamamah University and the Saudi Industrial Development Fund sign MoU

Al Yamamah University, represented by Mr. Abdulrahman bin Khalid Al-Khudair, CEO of Al-Yamamah Educational Company, and the Saudi Industrial Development Fund, represented by Mr. Mohammed bin Saud Al-Humaid, Executive Vice President/ Human Capital, sgined a memorandum of understanding to enhance joint cooperation in areas related to employment, training, research, and the opening of cooperative training […]

12 May, 2024

جامعة اليمامة - الخُبر تنظم حفل نهاية العام 2023-2024

نظمت جامعة اليمامة – الخُبر يوم الأحد الموافق ١٢ مايو حفل نهاية العام 2023-2024،بحضور سعادة وكيل الجامعة د. يزيد بن محمد السحيباني، حيث تم تكريم طلبة ومنسوبي الجامعة من أعضاء الأندية الطلابية والمجلس الطلابي المتميزين.

12 May, 2024

Al Yamamah University Hosts Mock Interview Week with HADAF

On Sunday, May 12, 2024, Al Yamamah University’s Career Services Center, in collaboration with the Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF), organized a Mock Interview Week. This initiative aimed to prepare graduating students for the job market. The week featured professional guidance sessions focused on passing personal interviews and building effective CVs. These sessions provided valuable […]

12 May, 2024

Al Yamamah University Hosts Workshop on Architectural Visualization Techniques

On Thursday, May 9, the College of Engineering and Architecture at Al Yamamah University held a workshop on architectural visualization techniques. Led by student Fatima Amin, the workshop focused on freehand drawing and manual architectural rendering using marker colors. Fatima Amin provided a detailed explanation of using marker colors in freehand architectural drawing, emphasizing the […]

9 May, 2024

Al Yamamah University Admission Team Visits Sports Path Foundation

On Tuesday, May 7, representatives from Al Yamamah University’s admission and recruitment office visited the Sports Boulevard Foundation. During the visit, they provided detailed presentations and explanations about the university’s academic programs available at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels.

7 May, 2024

Al Yamamah University Celebrates Graduation of New Batches of Students

On Monday evening, May 6, 2024, Al Yamamah University celebrated the graduation of its latest cohorts of male and female students from various bachelor’s and master’s programs. The ceremony, held in Sheikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al-Khudair Hall at the university’s main building, was headed by Mr. Khalid bin Muhammad Al-Khudair, Chairman of the Board of […]

6 May, 2024

College of Law Conducts Second Moot Court to Enhance Legal Skills

On Sunday, May 5, 2024, the College of Law at Al Yamamah University hosted its second moot court event, featuring active participation from male and female law students. The simulation aimed to replicate courtroom proceedings, providing students with practical experience in arguing hypothetical cases before a panel of judges. The event was lauded for its […]

5 May, 2024