Private Law

The private law track especially targets the needs of the private sector, by training young lawyers who have a strong foundation in the main branches of law, but with a special focus on the laws governing business and private relationships. In addition to a wide a variety of courses shared with the Public Law track, this track offers the students courses in laws related to Intellectual Property, Capital Market, Charity Law, Medical Law and other topics pertinent to the market and its needs.

LAW 115 Family Law 2 ORN 01-R
LAW 223 Administrative Judiciary 2 LAW 213
LAW 121 Effects of Obligations 3 LAW 111
LAW 222 Maritime Law 3
LAW 124 Administrative Law (1) 3 LAW 101, ORN 05R & ORN 05C
LAW 215 Property Law 2
LAW 321 Legal Implementation 2 LAW 216
LAW 212 Criminal Procedure Law 2 LAW 123
LAW 224 Company Law 2 LAW 214
LAW 114 Criminal Law (1) 3 LAW 101
LAW 323 Banking Law 3 LAW 214
LAW 331 Intellectual Property 3
LAW 322 Medical Law 3 LAW 111
LAW 334 Commercial Contracts 3 LAW 214
LAW 333 Insurance Law 3 LAW 111
LAW 332 Charity Law 3
LAW 102 Intro. to Islamic Jurisprudence 3
LAW 227 Usul Al Fiqh 2 LAW 102
LAW 104 Human Rights 3 ORN 03-R
LAW 112 Constitutional Law 3 LAW 101
LAW 214 Commercial Law 3
LAW 216 Civil and Commercial Procedures 3
LAW 335 Private International Law 3
LAW 113 Public International Law 3 LAW 101, ORN 05R & ORN 05C
LAW 122 Law of International Organizations 2 LAW 113
LAW 213 Administrative Law (2) 2 LAW 124
LAW 123 Criminal Law (2) 3 LAW 114
LAW 221 Real Estate and Mortgage Law 2 LAW 215
LAW 225 Negotiable Instruments & Bankruptcy 3 LAW 121
LAW 103 Legal Ethics in Islam 3 ORN 01-R
LAW 226 Evidence 3 LAW 216
LAW 111 Source of Obligations 3 LAW 101, ORN 05R & ORN 05C
LAW 344 Zakat and Taxation Law 3 LAW 224
LAW 101 Introduction to Law 3 ORN 04-R
LAW 211 Labour Law & Social Security 3 LAW 104
LAW 324 Capital Market Law 3 LAW 224
Private Law – Course Descriptions (Summarized forms)
Course Code Course Name CH Course Description
LAW101 Introduction to Law 3 This course focuses on the definition of law, explores its types, identify the relation between Law and )Ethics, Religion, and Comity( Rules, explore the Public and Private Law, and the Peremptory and Complementary Rules, Introduce the sources and persons of the legal rule, and the Law Application Scope.
LAW111 Source of Obligations 3 This course provides a study of the origin of an obligation and the obligation that is deemed to have existed. Moreover, the course provides essential concepts of classifying the contracts, defining & differentiating various types of sources of obligations to apply them accordingly in the practical field.
LAW112 Constitutional Law 3 This course guides through various types of constitutional forms, the impact of Islamic law on the Saudi constitution, differentiates between legislative, executive & judicial functions, and provides an introduction to the protection of human rights.
LAW113 Public International Law 3 This course provides the basic knowledge about Public International Law, it’s relation with Private International Law & national law, it focuses on the Sources & Persons of International Law, and Diplomacy
LAW114 Criminal Law (1) 3 This course focuses on two main theories, general theory of crime & general theory of sanctions. It examines territorial jurisdiction, personality jurisdiction, subject-matter jurisdiction & defines issues related to penalties in fine depth.
LAW115 Family Law 2 The course will assist students to recognize Islamic family law problems, a deep knowledge of major themes & issues of family law and Islamic rulings of dispute settlements.
LAW121 Effects of Obligation 3 The course covers the differnt effects of obligations. It builds on the the “Sources of Obligation” course and describe differnt rulings that apply to an obligation from the time it is created to the time it is settled. It covers differnt ways of settling obligations, differentn ways of protecting the right to performance, qualifications and characteristics of an obligations, and means to transfer oblgiations.
LAW122 Law of Int’l Organizations 2 This course will provide the basic knowledge of various principles of international organizations law. It covers several legal aspects such as its classifications & legal personality, membership in it, international employees, and it focuses on the United Nations system
LAW123 Criminal Law (2) 3 This course highlights several principles of Criminal Law. It distinguishes sharia Law & other legal traditions in a well-elaborated manner. It focuses on various crimes committed in public and private sector.
LAW124 Administrative Law (1) 3 The course focuses on the basics of the Administrative law, and its sources. Describe the relation between administrative law and other branches of law. To focus on the activities of the public administration, i.e., execution of laws, preservation of public order, and public utilities.
LAW125 Islamic Regulations of Inheritance, Wills & Endowments 3 In this course the students will learn a variety of Islamic rulings on inheritance, wills, intestacy & the litigation process. It defines the rules and principles of the Law of Inheritance in a scholarly way.
LAW211 Labor Law & Social Security 3 The course focuses on the essential aspects of social security & laws of labor. It provides fine knowledge of conducting affairs under the Saudi Law and defines the social security briefly.
LAW212 Criminal Procedure Law 2 The course will provide the students with basic knowledge of the various principles of criminal proceedings. It examines the criminal prosecution, evidence collection, preliminary investigation & admissibilty of electronic evidence.
LAW213 Administrative Law (2) 2 In this course, students study in depth four subjects of Administrative law that are especially important in Saudi Arabia. The study subject will be the following: 1- Administrative Decisions 2- Administrative Contracts. 3- Incentives of civil servants. 4-Public Property.
LAW214 Commercial Law 3 This course introduces the concept of commercial law in comparative way, then focuses on the different legal aspects related to commercial activity. This includes the commercial court jurisidiction, commercial acts and the law governing them, the concept of commercial enterprise, comercial register, commercial ledgers, trade names and some aspects related to intellectual and indusrial property that sevres the commercial enterprise.
LAW215 Property Law 2 This course provides the knowledge of property-related rules, regulations & principles in a profound way. The importance and implementation of Property law in Saudi Arabia & various other essential aspects relevant to the property dealings, ownership, leasing, movable and immovable property.etc.the course also addresses intellectual property and other types of personal property.
LAW216 Civil & Commercial Procedures 3 Students will acquire the knowledge of various principles of civil & commercial procedures. They will gain the ability to recognize the rights of litigants & draft a legal suit, legal briefs, judicial decisions, interceptor regulations.
LAW221 Real Estate & Mortgage Law 2 The basis of this course explores the real property as security for the repayment of borrowed funds and other obligations. Moreover, the course defines every aspect related to Real estate & Mortgage. Through this course, students will know and understand the obligation contract between debtor and creditor; the security agreement (mortgage, deed of trust, equitable and other mortgage substitutes), and the rights and remedies of the party in the event of failure to perform under the law in general and Saudi legal system in specific. Students in this course will look into the definition of real estate, its types, purpose, and various points of Mortgage Law & Saudi Arabian Mortgage Law.
LAW222 Maritime Law 3 This course will provide the knowledge of basic notions of Maritime Law, rules and principles that govern Maritime Law, legality of the ship & its civil status & it will familiarize the students with various notions required to completely understand the Maritime Law.
LAW223 Administrative Judiciary 2 This course focuses on the basic concepts of Administrative Judiciary. It covers the principles of legality & guidance to review various acts administratively. Administrative judiciary in Saudi Arabia and the jurisdiction of the Board of Grievance as an administrative court
LAW224 Company Law 2 In this course students will acquire the knowledge of fundamental concepts of Company Law. They study different types of compnanies, their establishments and their characterisitcs. This is an essential course for any one handling matters related to business law.
LAW225 Negotiable Instruments & Bankruptcy 3 The course covers two subjects. Negotiable Instruments, like cheques, bills of exchange, and promissory notes. How they are created and how they cerculate, and the rights and obligations arising under each of them. The other topic is Bankruptcy, and the ways the law establish to protect a business and its creditors once the business falls into financial difficulities.
LAW226 Evidence 3 This course focuses on the radical knowledge of the principles of Evidence Law. It covers rules & legal principles that govern the proof of facts in a legal proceeding & the importance of the evidences of every kind related to the proceeding.
LAW227 Usul Al Fiqh 2 This course focuses on the theory & philosophy of the Islamic rulings. Introduces a variety of theoretical & other perspectives of the nature of Islamic Rulings (Usul Al Fiqh) & provides a vast knowledge required to understand the necessity of the establishment of Islamic Rulings (Usul Al Fiqh).
LAW321 Legal Implementation 2 This course defines the knowledge of Legal Implementation in an eloquent profundity. It clarifies all the aspects related to the legal implementation in general and Saudi Arabian judicial implementation law. Students in this course will study the principles of implementation in a legal effective way. Moreover, students will explore the Saudi Arabian law of implementation and its practical procedures.
LAW322 Medical Law 3 This course elaborates and defines medical law and ethics. It characterizes several aspects related to the medical field, such as the civil and negligence liability in medical law, the purpose of the duty of care and medical damages, the defense of medical liability, malpractice claims…etc.Students in this course will learn how to select and prepare medical negligence cases for trial, with a focus on the use of discovery tools in medical cases, hiring and working with medical experts, and explore settlement, subrogation, and probate approval for the settled claims of a minor.
LAW323 Banking Law 3 This course provides a diverse knowledge on the fundamental concepts of the banking law. Legal rights & obligations and their interrelationship and a variety of theoretical and other perspectives on the nature of banking law. It covers these topics from two perspective: regulatory, related to the establishment of banks and its regulation by the monetary authority, and contractual, covering some of the main transactions banks undertake in relation to their clients.
LAW324 Capital Market Law 3 This course will provide the knowledge of fundamental concepts of Capital Market Law. It emphasizes the variety of theoretical, practical, and other perspectives on the nature of capital market law. Also, guiding the ways of application of the law to solve legal issues with the certainty of following the correct procedures. Students enrolled in the course will understand the regulatory framework for addressing complex financial market transactions.
LAW331 Intellectual Property 3 Students will acquire the knowledge of institutions and fundamental concepts of Intellectual Property Law, including the three basic Intelelctual Properties: Copyright, trade makrs, and patents. They will study those concepts within the Saudi Law, but also within the international legal framework that governs them.
LAW332 Charity Law 3 This course will provide a knowledge of Charity Law in depth covering all the aspects. General and Islamic rulings on the charity law and establishing the profound understandings of Charity Law in Saudi Arabia.
LAW333 Insurance Law 3 This course focuses on the foundational aspects of the Insurance Law, legal rights and obligations that fall under the Insurance contracts and a profound understanding of various situations faced in Insurance matters.
LAW334 Commercial Contracts 3 In this course students will learn the fundamental concepts of commercial contracts. This course provides a vast legal knowledge required for commercial contracting and dealing. It covers some of the most important commercial contracts, from both theoretical and practical perspective. Commercial contracts include Sales in its different forms, transparotaion, Agency and Franchise and other contracts.
LAW335 Private International Law 3 Introducing the students to International private law, the theory of conflict of laws including characterization of cases, determining foreign law as well as impediments to apply foreign law. Training the students to use various legal terms in relation to Nationality and the Saudia law of nationality.
LAW344 Zakat & Taxation Law 3 This course will provide the students with basic knowledge of the various principles and laws of zakat & tax procedures. The study will focus on various zakat characteristics & which assets are subject to Zakat according to the Saudi law & this course will examine tax laws focusing on the concept of tax and a variety of types of taxes.