YU signs MoU With Diriyadh Development Gate Authority

Al Yamamah University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with The Diriyah Gate Development Authority to bolster cooperation across areas including hiring, training, exhibitions, and research. The agreement also encompasses academic and cultural collaboration through the joint development and implementation of projects, initiatives, and events.

Signed by Jerry Inzerillo, Chief Executive Officer of the DGDA, and Professor Hussam Mohammed Ramadan, President of Al Yamamah University, the MoU’s main focus is to recruit talented graduates from Al Yamamah University to work at DGDA on its various projects. The agreement will also lead to the creation of training opportunities at the Authority for the university’s students, where they will be introduced to the labor market and develop the skills they need to build a successful career. In addition, both parties will collaborate to provide executive training programs and higher education for DGDA staff.

Mr. Inzerillo stressed the MoU’s important role in attracting the brightest local talent to DGDA, where they will receive the training they need to hone their administrative and technical skills and capabilities. He added that the two parties would also exchange statistics, studies, and research opportunities.

Prof. Ramadan reiterated Al Yamamah University’s keen interest in building a broad working partnership with DGDA, particularly as Diriyah has been named the Capital of Arab Culture for the year 2030 and is home to one of the world’s most significant cultural, developmental, and economic projects.

Prof. Ramadan pointed out that the partnership would open opportunities for DGDA employees to pursue higher education at Al Yamamah University. At the same time, DGDA would provide essential on-the-job training for the university’s students in its projects, enabling them to add practical experience to their academic studies and better equipping them for their transition into the job market. In addition, he stated that the two parties would work together on a range of programs and volunteer events for students.