Successful conclusion of the billiards tournament for girls at Al Yamamah University

As part of the activities of the Sports Center at Al Yamamah University, the billiards tournament for female students concluded on February 18, 2024, with honoring the winners and distributing prizes to the first three places. Student Bayan Al-Sahli made a distinguished achievement by winning first place in the tournament, where she excelled in her superior performance. Student, Rawan Mortada, came in second place with a wonderful performance, while student, Dima Amjad, won third place after an effective participation in the tournament. The tournament was characterized by an atmosphere of sportsmanship, fair competition, and enthusiasm that reflects the importance of sporting activity in building sportsmanship and enhancing communication among students. The billiards tournament for female students is one of the sporting events organized by Al Yamamah University, and it contributes to enhancing social and health communication among students.