In the presence H.E, Deputy Minister of Education for Universities, Research and Innovation Al Yamamah University organizes the “Al Yamamah University Law Forum 2024”

In the presence of H.E Professor Dr. Muhammad bin Ahmed Al-Sudairi, Deputy Minister of Education for Universities, Research and Innovation, Al-Yamamah University organized the Al-Yamamah University Forum 2024, under the title “The Legal System and its Role in Promoting Sustainable National Development,” on Wednesday, 3/6/ 2024. The forum discussed the most prominent legal developments that the Kingdom is witnessing, which were reviewed and discussed by an elite group of legal specialists, employees of relevant government agencies and the business sector, including lawyers, consultants, and faculty members in law colleges. On this occasion, Professor Dr. Hossam Ramadan, President of Al Yamamah University and Chairman of the Forum’s Organizing Committee, stated that the forum aims to foster an expanded discussion and dialogue on the role of law in achieving the goals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, with the participation of all invited parties. The program of the Al Yamamah University Law Forum 2024 included speeches by guest speakers, panel discussions, and presentations of the latest research developments in multiple legal fields, especially regarding enacting and developing regulations to keep pace with national economic developments and promoting sustainable development in all sectors, especially in the economic and sports sectors, and focusing on the developments of the legal profession and their impact. In supporting the legal system, as well as reviewing the difficulties and challenges facing legal work and how to overcome them and benefit from comparative laws in this regard. The “Al Yamamah University Law Forum 2024” addressed five important topics: law, keeping pace with developments in the national economy, encouraging investment and technology and its role in raising the efficiency of judicial services, the role of law in developing the sports system, towards a legal environment supportive of a sustainable tourism future, and developing the legal professions to achieve National development goals.