In celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, 2020: Al Yamamah Organizes a Panel Discussion on “Opportunities and Challenges in the Tech Sector”

Within the context of the university’s celebration of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, 2020, the university organized a panel discussion titled “Opportunities and Challenges in the Tech Sector”, delivered by Eng. Rakan Aleidi, founder of Shazer, Eng. Muath Almudaifer, COEA Alumnus, and COEA students Abdulaziz Alkhurayef and Abdulaziz Albassam, and moderated by Ms. Layla Albabtain, lecturer, programming department, COEA.

The speakers focused on the four pillars of entrepreneurship: opportunity, identity creation, innovation and growth, and explained how the corona pandemic accelerated the tech transformation in most sectors for the service providers, the products and the clients.

They also highlighted the role technology played to help market research and exploration at the panning phase through effective feedback about the products or the service prior to launching it in the market, which reduced financial risks and opened up opportunities for development and growth.

At the end, the panelists answered the audience questions and inquiries.