Two Teams from COBA Student Participate in Bloomberg – MISK Economics Research Challenge

Two teams from the College of Business Administration (COBA) have participated in the Economics Research Challenge module of the Bloomberg-MISK Certification Program for students. This is the second edition of the university economic research competition to take place focused on the usage of the Bloomberg Terminal in Saudi Arabia.

The Challenge began at 9:30am, AST (Saudi Arabia) on November 18, 2020, and it will end at 23:59pm, AST on December 13, 2020. YU teams participating in this competition are under the leadership and supervision of Dr. Sana Naseem and Dr. Ruba Hamed from the Accounting and Finance Department.

Team 1:

# Student Name Role
1 Meshari Dawood Team Captain
2 Yazeed Falatah Team Member
3 Majed BinKhamees Team Member
4 Safi Aldawsari Team Member
5 Meshari Alsarheed Team Member


Team 2:

# Student Name Role
1 Sara Alshamaisi Team Captain
2 Shumukh Alshuaibi Team Member
3 Yara Abudaqqa Team Member
4 Talal Saud Ali Alajmi Team Member
5 Badar Binmuzyad Team Member