Quality Assurance


Of the Quality Assurance Department

The Mission of the Quality Assurance & Performance Development is to provide the information, tools, and support for, as well as direction to, the members of the university community so that they can pursue the stated goals and objectives of the University and its various units, and also serve as a repository for the documentation of the quality assurance and accreditation compliance activities of the University.

Goals and Objectives

Of the Quality Assurance Department
  1. Ensuring the continued application of the university’s comprehensive quality system in line with the requirements of the national academic accreditation and achieving continuous development of performance in all departments of the university.
  2. Obtaining academic accreditation for all university programs.
  3. Providing support to all departments and colleges at the university for their efforts directed towards achieving quality assurance goals.
  4. Providing evaluation and recommending corrective measures related to the performance of the university in all fields, especially with regard to teaching and learning.
  5. Enhancing the role of quality assurance in increasing the effectiveness of the university in achieving its goals and objectives.
  6. Increase employees’ awareness about quality assurance practices and tools.
  7. Create appropriate mechanisms that links all departments to the university’s strategic plan.

Institutional Accreditation

Al Yamamah University had been accredited for the period May 2015 – April 2022 by Education Evaluation Commission (EEC)

Program Accreditation

Al Yamamah University is looking forward and working for international accreditations for all its programs.