Al Yamamah University celebrates Founding Day

Al Yamamah University in Saudi Arabia marked the Founding Day of the country with a grand celebration, led by its President, Prof. Hussam Ramadan. The event was attended by university students, faculty, and staff, who enjoyed a day filled with traditional Saudi Arabian culture.
The celebration began with the opening ceremony, which was attended by the Vice Dean, Dr. Waleed Abanami, and the college deans. It featured a Saudi Ardha, traditional food and coffee, traditional folklore dance and costumes, and a show of old cars, horses, and camels.
The event was particularly special as it also commemorated the 300 hundred years of Saudi history since the establishment of the first Saudi state in 1727. The celebration was enjoyed by all, with participants taking the opportunity to appreciate and showcase the rich and diverse culture of the country.
The Founding Day is an important day in the Saudi Arabian calendar and serves as a reminder of the country’s long and proud history. The event was a huge success and a testament to the unity and spirit of the Al Yamamah University community.