Al Yamamah University hosts “Aviation Week”

Al Yamamah University hosted the fourth edition of the “Aviation Week” forum with the participation of a group of speakers from government and private agencies concerned with the aviation and tourism sectors. The forum aims to enhance the technical and human capabilities of local and foreign airlines to keep pace with the aspirations of the current stage, and to be keen to prove their position in the Saudi market, amid great competition between them. The forum also hosted many presidents and managers, who spoke about the infrastructure and efforts made by airlines to modernize their fleets to achieve their goals in the Saudi market, as well as the projects of those companies that are preparing to keep pace with the requirements of Vision 2030 and their goals in establishing a high-level tourism and entertainment sector, supported by a model and advanced aviation sector.
The speakers called for enhancing the strengths of the sector, and addressing the weaknesses in order to achieve the goals of the vision.