Al Yamamah University Launches “Master of Business Law” in Partnership with Syracuse University

College of Law at Al Yamamah University launched the Master of Business Law program, which offers prospective students the opportunity to advance their understanding of the law governing commerce and finance at the global and national levels. The program is part of the university’s efforts to achieve leadership in the provision of graduate programs specialized in fields closely related to the labor market. It was prepared in terms of content, duration of study and specialization in partnership with Syracuse University in the United States of America, which will contribute with an elite selection of faculty.

The Master of Business Law program aims to encourage students, expand their knowledge in their field of profession and help them discover the fundamental legal framework, which deals directly with the current legal challenges faced in international business. Postgraduates that join the program have the guaranteed opportunity to excel in advanced legal studies, which enhances their capability of meeting the needs of the local and regional labor market. It also gives students the opportunity to study contemporary legal issues such as intellectual property, legal challenges to foreign investment and business processes by focusing mainly on the various branches of commercial law such as, International Commercial Transactions, Companies Law and Competition

The program targets Bachelor degree holders in (Law, Shari’a, or Business) to achieve a high level of interaction. Students must also meet the College of Law English proficiency requirement by either achieving the requisite scores on the TOEFL, IELTS, STEP exam or completing the University English program successfully.