Distinguished Speakers Series hosts business leaders from public and private sectors

COBA’s “Distinguished Speakers Series” hosted in March a number of business leaders from the private and public sectors who spoke to the college students about their organizations and business and shared their expertise, knowledge and special success stories with the students. The first session featured the founder and CEO of DRC for market research and data, Mr. Waleed Alsuliman, who spoke about market research in Saudi Arabia. The second session was with Alrajhi Cooperative Insurance CEO, Mr. Mahmoud Dahdouli who spoke about understanding the insurance industry in Saudi Arabia. The third featured consultant Saad Altuwaijri who discussed with the students how to balance life and work together, and the forth session focused on pioneering business ideas presented by Derwaza Investment CEO, Mr. Mohammed Alafaliq. The last session dealt with accountants’ employment opportunities and was presented by Deloitt partner, Mr. Alwaleed Alkhayal.