Mr. Ahmed Talaat Helmy

Instructional Coordinator

Ahmed Abdulaziz has been in the field of EFL for 16 years. He is a CELTA holder and has a BA in English literature from Ain Shams University and an MA in TESOL from SIT, Brattleboro, USA. He has three diplomas from the American University in Cairo majoring in translation, interpreting, and screen translation. He has given a number of presentations at international conferences such as TESOL Arabia, Nile TESOL, and The International Symposium at Al Yamamah University. His areas of interest include iPedagogy: using modern technology in teaching to help better acquire the language and accent vs international English. He believes that contextualizing the language and building a good rapport with students are key in language acquisition. Since 2011, he has continued to contribute to Interlink Institution with dedication and love.