Dr. Thamer Almutairi

Assistant Professor of Management


Thamer Almutairi currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Management at the College of Business. Before this role, he earned his Ph.D. in Operations Management from Washington State University (WSU). During his time at WSU, Thamer not only achieved his doctorate but also led the instruction of several courses, covering subjects such as Operations Management, Business Statistics, Managing Information Technology, and Business Analytics (MBA level). In acknowledgment of his dedication and expertise, WSU appointed him as a Visiting Assistant Professor in Operations Management.
Before his time at WSU, Thamer obtained his Master’s degree in Operations and Project Management from Southern New Hampshire University and a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from King Saud University. He also made significant contributions as a consultant at the Institute of Development and Consulting Services at Prince Noura University.
Thamer's research and teaching interests encompass Production and Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Statistics, Business Analytics, Quantitative Methods, and Quality Management.

• Edirisinghe, G. S., & Almutairi T., (2023, June). ”Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization for Practitioners: a Predictive Global Sensitivity Analysis Approach.” In Operations Research Forum (Vol. 4, No. 2, pp. 1-20). Springer International Publishing.
• Almutairi T., Baker, T., Xun, X., Zhang L., Witt, P., ”Grounded Six Sigma Theory Development via Action Research: Time-Bounded Orientation and Cause-Effect Prioritization Interactions with Project Elements and Context.” Submitted to IEEE Transactions in Engineering Management, Under Review, April 2023
• Almutairi T., Baker, T., Xun, X., Witt, P., Jayaraman, V. “Action Research for Behavioral Theory Building: Six Sigma Success Factors.” Work in Progress, Expected Submission Jan 2024.
• Almutairi T., Charles L. Munson. “Using Order Overlapping with Two Warehouses to Manage Imperfect Incoming Orders.” Work in Progress, Expected Submission May 2024.



Current Teaching:

  • MGT 330 Operations Management
  • MGT 304 Quantitative Methods for Business

Previous Graduate Teaching

  • Business Analytics MBA level (1 section)

Previous Undergraduate Teaching

  • Operations Management (8 sections)
  • Business Statistics (6 sections)
  • Managing Information Technology (1 section)


  • A member of The COB Examination Committee for the academic year 2023 – 2024.