Mr. Georgios Kormpas

Director of the Center for Executive Education


Georgios is an instructor at the Humanities Department, under the College of Law in Al Yamamah University.  He is currently teaching Critical Thinking, Introduction to Social Science, and Introduction to Psychology.  Georgios has had experience teaching English at the INTERLINK International Institute located at Al Yamamah University for the last 7 years.  He is also involved with the Executive Education Department where he assists with curriculum development of different topics as the Senior Academic Specialist.  Georgios holds a Diploma in Teaching from Saint Michael’s University in Colchester Vermont, as well as, an MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from the same College.  Georgios is currently undertaking a Ph.D. in E-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning, at the university of Lancaster in the UK at the School of Education.  He focuses on teacher motivation on tertiary education in Saudi Arabia.

Georgios also directs the Teaching, Learning, and Development Center, at Al Yamamah University where along with the cooperation of academic leaders, plans and prepares professional development for all disciplines in the university.  The center caters for students as well, with sessions that are related to their needs along with counseling them for their academic career.

Georgios has been very active in teachers associations of English, where he has served in different positions, vice-president, chair, member and other.  He has also contributed in the development of a very crucial publication for English Languages Learners, through TESOL International, he has been a contributor for the publication of the 6 Principles for Exemplary Teaching of English Learners for EAP/ESP Programs to be published in 2020 an presented in Denver, Colorado.


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YU Service

INTERLINK Appeals Committee Coordinator

INTERLINK Assessment Instructional Coordinator

INTERLINK Student Relations Instructional Coordinator

YU University Ranking Committee

YU Law College Council Member

Other Service

2019 – 2020 TESOL ANPC Chair

2018 – present TESOL ANPC member

2017 – present TESOL International Award & Doctoral Forum Reviewer

2016 – 2018 TESOL Arabia Conference Ambassador

2017 – 2018 TESOL Arabia Mentee for the Mentorship Program

2017 MC at the Summit of the future of the TESOL Profession for TESOL International

2015 – present TESOL International Convention Proposals Reviewer

2015 – present TESOL International Liaison Officer for TESOL Greece

2015 TESOL Arabia TEA SIG Co-Chair for KSA

2014 – 2015 KSAALT Riyadh Chapter Representative

2014 7th Annual KSAALT Conference Co-Chair

2014 1st Conference on Motivation organizing committee member

2013 3rd International Symposium organizing committee member

2013 – 2014 KSAALT Riyadh Chapter Secretary

2009 – 2011 TESOL Greece Oversight Committee member

2009 – present TESOL France, TESOL Italy member

2007 – 2008 TESOL Greece Vice-chairperson, webmaster

2006 – present TESOL Macedonia-Thrace, Northern Greece member

2005 – present TESOL International Member

2005 – 2007 Assistant Newsletter Editor for TESOL Greece Newsletter

2005 – present IATEFL member

2003 – present TESOL Greece member

2006 – present OLPC4 Translation Team member (English to Greek)