7. Affordable and Clean Energy: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all.

Universities can make significant contributions to SDG 7, “Affordable and Clean Energy,” through a variety of initiatives. They can lead by example in adopting renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies in campus operations, reducing their carbon footprint and demonstrating the feasibility of clean energy solutions. Additionally, universities can conduct research and innovation in the field of clean energy, developing new technologies and promoting sustainable energy practices. Educational programs focused on renewable energy sources, energy conservation, and sustainability can be offered to students, fostering a future workforce knowledgeable in clean energy technologies. Universities can also collaborate with industry and government partners to advance clean energy solutions and advocate for policies that support the transition to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy systems. By combining research, education, and practical implementation, universities can contribute to the global effort to ensure access to clean and affordable energy for all.

YU actions supporting SDG 7

Al Yamamah University students overall winnesr of the EEG environmental public speaking competition

Al Yamamah University is proud of its winning students in the Environmental Public Speaking Competition in Dubai, which aims to educate and empower the