On the Occasion of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, Al Yamamah Organizes a Session on Building Brands

As part of the university’s celebration of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, 2020, the university organized an online session cohosting Dr. Khalid Alrajhi, Vice President, Al Rajhi Holding and Chairman of Marketing Association, and Mr. Fahad Alsiddiqui, a COBA student and young entrepreneur.

Dr. Alrajhi spoke about the importance of the business brand and the requirements to build a strong brand in terms of a clear plan that identifies the mission, vision, brand boundaries and its position in the market. He also highlighted the marketing strategy to build a brand with all its details (price, product, promotion and distribution).

Mr. Alsiddiqui explained how reliance on social media influencers to advertise the product did not show remarkable outcomes or returns on the business, and said that creative advertising, using innovative and indirect means, proved to be much influential.

He also explained the challenges that he faced during his entrepreneurial journey and how he could overcome those challenges with perseverance and quality of work.

A Q & A session followed the presentations