How to Apply

As the challenges our society faces become more complex, we recognize the power of crossing traditional academic lines thinking to develop relevant solutions. This recognition is triggering the creation

of innovation center that will drive cross-pollination and fuse creative fields like computer science, math, design, engineering, and others to expand potential for developing new products and real-world applications.

We are focusing on accelerating the discovery through problem-based, multi-disciplinary approach that addresses 21st-century challenges. Through funding, classes, workshops, and mentoring, as well as dedicated work spaces for ideation and collaboration, the Innovation center will guide AlYamamah students and support those who want to explore and expand their creative ideas.

How To Apply


Prepare your idea

Describe the problem and your solution


Contact your college representative

Arch. Rifqa AlHashlamoun (Architecture)

Arch. Shaima AlKathiri (Interior Architecture)

Ms. Laila Albabtain (Computer Science)

Ms. Eman Alswaid (Business Administration)


Submit your proposal

Your representative will help you to fill a simple form outlining your proposal


To share your talent improve it and highlight it!. In the modern world you might need consultation on project management, business plan, public speaking, researching skills… whatever you might need”  we shall provide it.

  • Understand your talent and future needs
  • Know yourself & dene your goals & plans
  • We connect you with different organizations
  • With the support of CIC, you will build up a stronger CV based on gained knowledge, work experiences & developed skills
  • We are driven by your creativity, guided by innovation & aiming for uniqueness