Al Yamamah University participates in World Accounting Day

Al Yamamah University participates in World Accounting Day On Sunday, November 2, 2023, students of the Accounting Club at Al Yamamah University organized an event on World Accounting Day, in partnership with the Authority of Auditors and Accountants. The event included activities to correct misconceptions about accounting through games, competitions, and prizes for the winners. The club also hosted Ms. Fadia Nayef in a meeting entitled “How do I prepare for the labor market?” to talk about how to prepare for the labor market, and how to know what the labor market requirements. Ms. Nayef highlighted the importance of the English language, professional relationships, and ways to build a network of professionals through student clubs, conferences, and meetings. The guest speaker also talked about the professional paths to specialize in accounting, which are: accounting, internal auditing, external auditing, forensic accountant, evaluation, tax and zakat accountant, and management accountant. She also referred to the importance of training and experience after university.