Al Yamamah University CEO Dinner Hosts Sports Boulevard Foundation CEO as Guest Speaker

 As part of its commitment to building tomorrow’s generation of business and sector leaders, Al Yamamah University recently hosted the CEO of Sports Boulevard Foundation, Ms. Jayne McGivern, as the guest speaker at the university’s signature annual CEO Dinner for postgraduate students and alumni. Ms. McGivern’s address focused on the essential skills and qualifications necessary for navigating the Saudi labor market and achieving the ambitious goals of Vision 2030. She commended the Saudi youth, particularly women, for their education, qualifications, and professionalism, highlighting their crucial role in the nation’s development. CEO McGivern underscored the importance of leadership and innovation in driving progress, emphasizing the need for collaboration between academia and industry to foster talent and address the evolving demands of the modern workforce. Attendees gained valuable insights into effective leadership strategies and the significance of continuous learning and adaptation in today’s dynamic global landscape. The event was attended by the Head of Boards of Trustees of Al Yamamah university, Mr. Khalid Alkhudair, and the university president, Prof. Dr. Hussam Ramadan, along with deans and heads of postgraduate programs. The event served as a platform for networking and knowledge exchange, further strengthening the ties between Al Yamamah University and industry leaders, while inspiring the next generation of Saudi professionals to contribute meaningfully to the nation’s development trajectory.