Students win first place at the E-Learning Solutions hackathon

COBA student, Safi Abdullah Al-Safi and College of Law student, Zaid Riyadh Idris’ e-learning project Haytham, won first place at the E-Learning Solutions hackathon organized by the SEU. Haytham is an e-learning platform that helps students of math learn in a visual, interactive way, making the study of math more accessible, fun and productive.

The hackathon which was organized by the E-Learning Innovation Center at the Saudi Electronic University in cooperation with Monshaat, inspired teams from 32 universities and engaged experts and specialists in e-learning from various academic institutions. It provides an opportunity to students to innovate and create solutions which can be further nurtured and supported by Monshaat through its business incubator and accelerator programs.

On this occasion, YU President, Prof. Hussam Ramadan, honored the winning students and congratulated them on this achievement, wishing them continuous success in their academic and professional lives.