Al Yamamah University Concludes 2023-2024 Sports and Student Clubs Activities

On Wednesday, May 22, the Deanship of Admission, Registration, and Student Affairs at Al Yamamah University held the closing ceremony for the 2023-2024 sports activities and student clubs. The event, held in Sheikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al-Khudair Hall, was graced by the presence of Mr. Abdulrahman bin Khalid Al-Khudair, CEO of Al-Yamamah Educational Company. The ceremony celebrated the dedication and efforts of students who balanced their academic responsibilities while pursuing their passions, managing their time, and nurturing their talents. This year marked a significant achievement in executing various programs, activities, and events, including sports competitions, national and university celebrations, community service, and educational workshops. Highlights of the ceremony included honoring top student contributions and clubs. The Excellence Award recognized outstanding clubs, with the Law Club winning first place, the Accounting Club second, and the Google Club third. Additionally, volunteer initiatives like the Volunteering and Community Service Club were commended. The event concluded with the recognition of participants excelling in sports tournaments, including chess, billiards, and volleyball, from both student and staff sections.