The College of Business hosts experts and specialists in the business sector

Within the framework of direct communication to strengthen the link between academics and practical sector experts, the College of Business at Al Yamamah University organized two successful meetings within the framework of its distinguished Distinguished Speakers Program during the month of February. The first was launched on February 5, with ANB’s Chief Digital Officer, Mr. Omar Al-Aqeel, who gave a lecture entitled “Digital banking and emerging technologies.” Al-Aqeel reviewed the impact of digital technology on the field of banking services and innovation in this context, which added valuable insights to the audience. In the second meeting, which was held on February 13, Ma’aden’s Vice President for Corporate Affairs, Engineer Shaghaf Al-Osaimi, participated in a lecture entitled “The Third Pillar of the Saudi Industry.” He discussed the importance of the development of the metal industry in the Kingdom and its vital role as a third pillar in Saudi industry. This pioneering program is part of the College of Business’s efforts to provide unique learning experiences and valuable networking opportunities for students, as it contributes to enhancing their skills and expanding their vision in the fields of business and economics.