The Creativity and Innovation Center hosts winners of the PwC Empowerthon and other competitions

Al Yamamah University, represented by the Creativity and Innovation Center, hosted a group of students who achieved remarkable success in competitions at the national and international level. The center hosted the winning female students who achieved the first three places in the PwC Empowerthon competition, to share their experiences and innovative projects with university students. These meetings represent an opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas between students, which enhances communication and motivates more students to participate in innovation and challenge activities. The center also hosted student, Sheikha Al-Drees, winner of the Global Game Jam competition and the Gameathon competition. During the meeting, the student presented a unique insight into her experience and the challenges of game development, sharing her ideas and advice with the attendees. These events reflect the university’s commitment to encouraging students to excel and actively participate in the fields of innovation and creativity. The university stresses the importance of providing an educational environment that encourages the exchange of experiences and promotes a culture of innovation among its students.