The CSC at YU Organizes “A Graduate’s Journey” Session

Al Yamamah University’s Career Services Center (SCS) organized a session entitled, “A Graduate’s Journey” in collaboration with YU’s Marketing Club (YUMC), who hosted a number of elite YU alumni, as part of the center’s The Next Chapter series of sessions.

The alumni guest speakers talked about their experiences before, during and after their years of studying at Al Yamamah University. They also shared their knowledge with our future graduates in relation to choosing a career path that meets the current needs of the labor market.

Mr. Waleed Aldossari, Class of 2010, Tadawul Company, emphasized setting annual goals to enhance the students’ self-development skills in his speech, suggesting that they invest their time wisely by attending courses, seminars and joining training programs whenever they have the chance to ensure a successful future career.

Mr. Mohammed Albassam, Class of 2016, Ministry of Housing, stated to the students in his address that their first manager will create their career path, then advised them to aim for jobs that offer employees proper training programs and workshop.