The Writing Center at Al Yamamah University organizes a student workshop on “Keys to Academic Success


The Writing Center at Al Yamamah University continues to offer educational events and workshops aimed at enhancing students’ writing and thinking skills. In this context, on Thursday, February 15, 2024, the Center organized a student workshop entitled “Keys to Academic Success” excellently presented by Dr. Muhammad Abu Al-Adl, with the aim of developing students’ skills and enabling them to achieve academic success. The meeting discussed several important topics, including how to improve academic writing skills, acquire critical thinking, and set personal academic goals.

The students interacted positively during the meeting, as Dr. Muhammad Abu Al-Adl provided practical guidance and valuable advice to the students, based on his experience in the field of teaching and scientific research. During the meeting, the discussion was also opened for students to ask their questions and share their opinions about the keys to academic success.