Al Yamamah University Forum 2024 discusses the legal system and its role in promoting sustainable national development.

In a bid to enhance legal awareness and foster sustainable economic development, Al Yamamah University is set to organize its annual Al Yamamah University Forum 2024 entitled “The Legal System and its Role in Promoting Sustainable Development” on 6th March, 2024 at Sheikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim Alkhudair Hall on the university campus in Riyadh.

 This annual event serves as a crucial platform to delve into the pivotal role of the legal system in propelling sustainable development within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Distinguished legal specialists, including government officials, lawyers, consultants, and esteemed faculty members from law and Sharia colleges, will converge to dissect the Kingdom’s significant legal developments. The comprehensive program features engaging speeches by expert guest speakers, insightful panel discussions, and presentations highlighting cutting-edge research in various legal domains, both nationally and internationally.

The forum’s focus extends to the enactment and development of regulations to align with the evolving national economy. Special attention will be given to promoting sustainable development, particularly within the thriving tourism and sports sectors. Attendees can anticipate discussions on technological advancements and their impact on fortifying the legal system, along with an exploration of challenges in legal work and strategies to overcome them. Comparative laws will also be explored, offering valuable insights to boost the efficiency of professionals in the legal and judicial fields.

This Al Yamamah University Legal Forum promises to be an enlightening and influential event, bringing together legal minds to chart the course for a legally sound and sustainably developed future for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Save the date and join us on this intellectual journey towards a brighter legal landscape.