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HR Employees

Mr. Awad

Government Relations Officer


 Ext. 3066

Ms. Nuha

Talent Acquisition Specialist


 Ext. 3156

Mr. Ayidh
Al Qahtani

Assistant Government Relation Officer


Ext. 3650

Mr. Fahad

Employee Affairs Officer


 Ext. 3330


Human Resources Coordinator

 Ext. 1027

MenaMe System

MenaME® is a web-based solution that enables employees and managers to edit and view their HR-related information online. MenaMe is able to open on different browsers.

Employees can access information instantly at any time and from any place that has access to the network.

The employee portal system consists of two parts:

(Managers Self Service):

This part of the system dedicated for managers to manage their subordinates’ in focus of HR-related information, therefore, managers will be able to view and approve his/her employees’ requests, which are:


  • Workflow Cycle (Vacations and Leave Requests )
  • Employees Appraisal



  • HR Transactions
  • Vacation Balances
  • Salary Slip


(Employee Self Service):

 This part of the system is for employees’ requests. Instead of playing phone tag with the HR department to receive any required information; Routine questions such as “How much vacation time do I have? can be asked through ESS. As a result, Employees save time & HR professionals save more time for higher leverage tasks. These requests are:


  • Online Requests ( Vacations and Leave Requests )
  • Change Personal Data
  • Evaluation Process
  • Miscellaneous Requests



  • Transaction inquiry ( Vacations and Leave )
  • Vacation Balances
  • Salary Slip
  • Financial Sheets
  • Personal Profile


Access to MenaME®

To access MenaME®, every employee should have an account provided from HR department upon receiving an e-mail that contains all the information needed to access MenaME®

To login into the system

After clicking on the link, the user will have to enter:

  1. User name: the user name provided by the HR
  2. Password: sensitive case password provided from the HR
  3. The company code: YU
  4. Choose the language that you wishes to login with (Arabic/English) by clicking on the required option
  5. to remember the login information click on the option to avoid entering the username and company code each time you need to login

How to login using your computer

To access the MenaME program with google

1.Paste the following link in your browsers address bar


How to login using your Phone

Step 1 : 

go to the play store or apple store on your phone and search for

(MenaMe – Plus)

Than install the application

Step 2 :

After opening the Application Use the following information:

Company Code: YU

Branch Code: YUR



Then click “save

After clicking on this button the system will take you to the welcome screen as shown below:

Employee Status

The user has the ability to update his current status by selecting one of the provided built-in status, where you can find it in the below Welcome screen.

1.To change click on this button and the following screen will appear:

2.after choosing the status click on Change Status then the system will take you back again to welcome screen.

System Language

The system provides you to switch the language from English to Arabic or vise versa after logging into the system by clicking on this button

To change your PIN

Click the key icon at the top of the screen

 Then fill all fields with the required information

The welcome screen consists of two main parts as discussed in the introduction:

ESS: Employee Self Services

This part enables the employee to interact with the HR department by submitting different requests and inquiring transactions.

MSS: Managers Self Services

This part enables the concerned manager to supervise his subordinates, and take the required actions for their requests.

ESS: Employee Self Services

When the user access the ESS part the following screen will show up:

For all university circulars, Saudi labor regulations and employee contracts
Click on Company Documents Center


(Documents of the establishment)

shows all the circulars and the Saudi labor system

(Special documents)

Employee contract, scientific certificates and experience


This function enables the employee to :

  • Online Requests
  • [Vacation]
  • [Leave]
  • Change Personal Data
  • Change Financial Data
  • Miscellaneous Requests:
  • [Salary Certificate Letter]
  • [Experience Certificate Letter]
  • [Family Exit Re-Entry]

How to get a Vacation Request

Click on


  1. Online Requests
  2. Vacation Request
  3. I would like to request a new Vacation
  4. Please make sure that you fill in all the fields in addition to choosing the Vacation Type
  • For Sick Vacation :
    • Make sure that you fill in the Sick Vacation Reason field.
    • In the Supporting Document option Please attach the medical report by Choose File
  • Annual vacation should be Submitted before the start date or it will not be accepted in the system
  • Sick Vacation is not accepted without attached medical report

How to Requests a leave

Click on


  1. Online Requests
  2. Leave Requests
  3. I would like to request a new leave

How to change your Personal Information

Click on Transactions -> Change Personal Data

  • Mobile : Add mobile number
  • Ext. Number : Add the number of the relative

(  Extra contact number )

  • Add Marriage Contract if your husband / wife is included under your Medical Insurance
  • When you choose ID – please fill in all the info. and attach a copy of your Iqama
  • When you choose the CV – please attach the last updated version of your CV
All information is important

How to Change your Financial Data

Click on Transactions -> Change Financial Data

Please attach a copy of you IBAN card/ Statement

How to request a letter of identification or experience certificate

Click on Transactions -> Miscellaneous Requests -> Post a new Request

Please specify who the letter is addressed to and whether you want the letter with or without salary

Transactions Inquiry

This function enables the employee to inquire and view his/her transactions which

How to know the Vacations Balance

Inquiry -> Vacations Balances

Click on the All box, and then “Display”

How to view the Salary Statement

Inquiry -> Salary Slip

Select the year and month then click Display

How to know the Evaluation Result


1- Personal Profile   

2-  Evaluation Result 

3- Click on the All box, and then “Display”

MSS: Managers Self Services

This part enables the concerned manager to supervise his subordinates and take the required actions for their requests

After accessing MSS, a list of functions will show up as follows:

Approve the Employee Requests ( Vacations / Leave )


  • Workflow Cycle
  • list off all request will appear you can click on it to review the request and Approve /Decline

Employees Appraisal