Accounting Club Reviews the Future of the Profession

The Accounting Club at Al-Yamamah University organized a symposium entitled “The Future of the Accounting Profession and Practical Reality” on March 12, 2023. The symposium was presented by financial analyst, Mr. Saleh Al-Yahya who dealt with the importance of the accountant’s role in the business sector, as the accounting profession requires a high level of qualification, experience, and accuracy. Al-Yahya said that with the rapid growth and development of the Saudi labor market, there has been a great demand for qualified accountants, especially in the fields of taxation, auditing, and bookkeeping. The symposium also touched on the career future of the accounting profession, as Al-Yahya indicated that all public and private companies are in continuous need for qualified accountants, whether in companies, banks, insurance companies, the government sector, investment banks, and management consulting. Al-Yahya also noted the importance of professional certificates and attending specialized courses appropriate for this professional field.