Board of Trustees Biography

Mr. Khalid Bin Mohammed Al-khudair

خالد الخضير


  • BA in Media, 1406 H


  1. Member of Qaseem Region Council, 1426-1434 H
  2. Head of Board of Trustees, Al Yamamah University
  3. Member of Board of Trustees, Faisal bin Mishaal bin Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Social Foundation
  4. Board Member, Saudi Paralympics Committee
  5. Head of Marketing and Resource Development Committee, the Paralympic Federation, West Asia Region
  6. Board Member, SELIAC ASSOCIATION, Saudi Arabia
  7. Head of Board of Trustees, Hassan Alnaim Quran Center
  8. Deputy Head of Board of Trustees, Mohammed Alkhudair Charity Foundation
  9. Chairman, National Company for Learning and Education (NCLE)
  10. CEO, Alkhudair Group

H.E. Dr. Abdul Wahid Bin Khalid Alhumaid

Dr. Abdulwahed

Ph.D. in economics, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA, 1984

Current positions:

  • Member of the Consultative Commission of the Supreme Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council
  • Administrative Board Member and Head of Publishing Committee, Abdulrahman Alsudairi Center
  • Head of the Supervisory Commission, Ghazi Algosaibi Chair for Cultural and Developmental Studies, Al Yamamah University
  • Mameber of the Board of Trustees, AL Yamamah University
  • Member of Dar Alyom for Journalism
  • Member of Board of Trustees, Aljof Excellence and Creativity Award


Former positions:

  • Deputy Minister of Labor
  • Vice Minister of Planning and Development
  • Director of the Human Resources Development Fund
  • Member of the Shoura Council
  • Faculty member, KFUPM

Prof. Dr. Hussam Bin Mohamed Ramadan

President of Al Yamamah University


  • PhD., Computer Science and Engineering, University of Louisville, USA, 1996
  • MS, Electrical Engineering, King Saud University, KSA, 1991
  • BS, Electrical Engineering, The George Washington University, USA, Magna CUM, Laude, 1988



Prof. Hussam Ramadan is a seasoned academic leader, researcher and professional IT consultant. Prior to his successful three years as the university’s Vice President(2015-2018), Prof. Ramadan served as the Advisor and Director General of Planning at the Ministry of Higher Education (2014-2015), Dean of the College of Computer and Information Systems, King Saud University (2009-2013) leading the HR expansion, ABET accreditation of all BS programs and overall development in research and academics of the college, and Vice Dean, College of Computer and Information Systems, KSU (2001-2009) managing the academic and administration affairs of the college, including student registration, curriculum development, examination and assessment and industrial relationship.

In the field of IT business consultancy, Prof. Ramadan served as an academic consultant at Dell EMC (2014-2016), IT Consultant at the Ministry of Hajj (2002-2015) providing technical consultation to all sectors of the ministry in information technology for over a decade and supervising several projects that aimed to introduce cutting-edge strategic technologies and integrate them with the tasks and work of the ministry, and simulation consultant at International Systems Engineering, Inc. (1998-2000).

Prof. Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Ibrahim Alwasel

Dr. Abdulaziz Alwasel
  1. Born and educated in Riyadh
  2. Earned his bachelor degree in chemistry from Riyadh University (King Saud University) in 1398 H
  3. Appointed as TA, department of Chemistry, College of Sciences, and delegated to study for the master’s and doctoral degrees in Sussex University, UK,
  4. Earned his Ph.D. in 1404 H
  5. Appointed general supervisor for the sciences and medical studies departments for female students between 1412 and 1421 H
  6. Adjudicated over 25 postgraduate theses
  7. Supervised and co-supervised numerous master’s and doctoral theses
  8. Published over 37 research papers
  9. Headed numerous councils and committees outside the university including:
    • The Scientific Council, Aljof University, 1436-1440 H
    • Curricula and Plans Committee, PNU, 1433-1437 H & 1440 H, till now
    • Plans and Study Programs Committee, Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, 1440 H, till now
    • Alfaisal University Board of Trustees, 1440 H till now

Dr. Abraham Althonayan

Abraham Althonayan is a Senior Lecturer in Operations and Strategic Management and Lecture on the MBA at Brunel Business School for the past 13 years. He is a member of the Centre for International Business in Emerging Markets (CIEBEM) and Operations and Information Systems Management Research Group (OISM). Abraham is also acted Director of International Business Development and is also active in executive development delivery. He holds a PhD, MSc and BSc and lived for 38 years in several countries, including Asia, Middle East, USA and UK. In addition, Abraham is active engaged in several activities including:

  • Founder and Chairman of The Strategic Centre (education constancy organisation).
  • Member of the Advisory Board in several International Organisations.
  • Senior consultant with both national and international companies, including higher education institutions in the Asia, EU, Kazakhstan, Middle East, Turkey, Russian Federation countries.
  • Consultant with the BCG and Seer Development Region on the Strategic alignment.
  • Consultant with the BCG and Saudi Ministry of Education in Education Programmes.
  • Principal Investigator and actively participated in several funded projects.
  • Programme External and PhD Examiner in several UK and international universities.
  • Reviewer at seven aceramic journals.
  • Initiated, designed, and implemented over 120 international executive development programmes.
  • Visiting Professor with 25 international Universities.
  • Working closely with several international universities in the development of employability skills.
  • Professional Certified Coach in, Certified Life Coaching, Certified Executive Coaching and Certified Organization Development Coaching (in progress).

Prof. Dr. Abdulkader Alfantookh

Prof. Dr. Abdulrahman Alali

Dr. Othman Al Monia

صورة المنيع

Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al Salman

صورة الدكتور عبدالله بن سلمان السلمان

Mr. Abdulrahman Al Khudair

abdulrahman alkudair2

Dr. Khalid Bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi

Dr. Khalid Al Rajhi

Prof. Dr. Mansour Al Zoair

mansour zair

Dr. Turky Al Onizi

Turkey AlOnizi

Dr. Saleem Saleh AlSlaeem

slem alslem

Dean of the Architecture and Planning College, Director of the Sustainable Development Center and Associate Professor in the Environmental Engineering and he is a member of Qassim University Council. Also, he is a member in the board of trustees for Alfaisal University, University of Prince Mugrin, Alyamamah University and AlAsala College. He has more than 20 years of consulting, academic and research experience in the field of environmental Engineering and sustainable development such as water and wastewater treatment and recycling, focusing on conventional and advanced treatment processes in addition to water quality management, water resources management, ground water pollution and remediation, and integrated solid waste management. He worked in KACST as a researcher. He has published research articles in international journals of high repute. Besides, he has carried-out many consultancy assignments in the same fields to the government, national agencies and the private sector.

Dr. Ghazi Al Ghamdi


Dr. Entesar Al Mogren


Dr. Ibrahim Al Muaqel

Ibrahim AlMuaqel

Prof. Dr. Yousef Al Otaibi

Prof. Youseef Alotaibi

Dr. Abdulaziz Al Giama (MOE Representative)

صوره شخصيه الغيامه