Ahmed Mohamed

EFL Instructor


Ahmed Mohamed is a passionate and dedicated English Language professional. He possesses two master’s degrees, which includes a MEd TESOL from the University of Exeter in the UK. He is a Teacher Trainer, Assessor and CELTA certified EFL Teacher with a UK teaching license who has got more than a decade of teaching experience. Ahmed is also a qualified IELTS, IB and Aptis examiner in collaboration with organisations such as the British Council, International Baccalaureate, and IDP. He started his working journey in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after a number of years of working in the education sector in the UK. Before starting his current teaching position at Interlink/Alyamamah University he was an EFL instructor then earned a promotion to become an Academic Coordinator at King Saud University in Riyadh. His experience in teaching English involves teaching Elementary through to Advanced levels of English including Business and Academic English. Socio-cultural Theory and Communicative Language Teaching are topics he has written about as part of his research interests.  He has worked in the fields of English language teaching, program administration, teacher training, and assessment development. Ahmed has also recently become a qualified and accredited vocational assessor (CAVA).

Ahmed is the director of two educational organisations in the UK, where he is involved in guiding these organisations to provide educational and training courses to support individuals in upgrading their employability skills and confidence levels. In his spare time, he likes to play football, go to the gym and travel the world to experience different cultures. He also has the ability to use the Dutch language to an intermediate level.