Bu-Madyan Kahtan, MA

General Director of INTERLINK & Executive Director of University Preparatory Program

Bu-Madyan is a passionate English language teaching professional who has been working in the field of English language teaching, program administration, teacher training, and curriculum review and design for over 22 years. After earning his BA in TEFL from the College of Education, he earned a TESOL Certificate and was appointed as teaching assistant in Sanaa University, Yemen. After five years of teaching EAP and ESP at Sanaa University and EFL at Yemen’s most prestigious language center, YALI, he received a Fulbright Scholarship and earned his MA in TESOL/Applied Linguistics at the University of Northern Iowa, USA. He then served as a teach trainer for in-service and pre-service teachers in the UAE. His training included an introduction to portfolios and continuous assessment.  From there, he joined the INTERLINK team and within two years was promoted to Instructional Coordinator and then Assistant Director. Bu-Madyan’s strengths include program design, curriculum review and design, assessment, teacher training, counseling, and comparative linguistics. He speaks Arabic fluently. He enjoys cross-cultural interaction and is a lifelong learner.