Eldesouky Ibrahim

EFL Instructor


E. Ibrahim is an EFL Lecturer at INTERLINK International Institute, AlYamamah University. He has experience in medical English, as well as exam preparation. Before joining the INTERLINK team, he worked as an EFL Lecturer and the Foundation Year Coordinator at Batterjee Medical College. In addition, he served in Niagara College KSA as a lecturer, and later as a coordinator for the Foundation Year where he worked with the Chair (campus-based) and other Foundation Program Coordinators to support and guide teachers on systems and practices, including linking course outcomes to teaching and learning plans and delivery. He joined the PYP at Taif University as an EFL lecturer. Ibrahim is a Cambridge certified teacher trainer.

E. Ibrahim studied the English language and Literature. He did his Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics (English Language Teaching). Then, he moved to Athens, Greece where he did his Cambridge CELTA and Delta. In 2018, he did his Cambridge Train the Trainer course in Milan, Italy.

In 2000, Ibrahim fell in love with teaching the English language, and he has been doing it ever since. He loves getting to know his students and making learning fun for them. He wants his lessons to be a relaxed safe space for the students to speak, make mistakes, and learn at the proper pace and style. He hopes he could make a difference in the lives of his students.

Ibrahim is interested in football. He likes to play it on the weekends, and he finds watching European football exciting. Travelling is one of his hobbies. He wishes he could visit as many countries as he can. His favourite part about travelling is learning about different cultures and getting to know new people.


  • He attended Saudi TESOL as well as other conferences on language teaching and learning organized by some universities such as Cambridge and Oxford.


  • Ibrahim taught General and Medical English to his students in different educational institutions such as Taif University, Niagara College KSA, Batterjee Medical College and AlYamamah University.
  • He also prepared his students for Cambridge standardized tests (PET and IELTS).


  1. EFL Lecturer at INTERLINK International Institute, AlYamamah University
  2. EFL Lecturer at Batterjee Medical College (BMC)
  3. Foundation Year Coordinator at Batterjee Medical College (BMC)
  4. ELF Lecturer at Niagara College KSA, one of the CoE colleges
  5. Foundation Year Coordinator at Niagara College KSA, one of the CoE colleges
  6. EFL Lecturer at PYP, Taif University.