Ms. Albandary Alhejely

Lecturer of Mathematics & Natural Sciences


Albandary Alhejauily is a lecturer of Mathematics, Statistics and Math Education. She received her bachelor degree in mathematics from Tiabha University. Then, she earned her master of science degree in Mathematical science emphasis in Pure Mathematics from Rutgers university, USA in 2017. Since then, she taught a variety of different courses for undergraduate students in mathematics department.

Before coming to Alyamamah University, she had an experience of teaching in an academic career for several years. She taught at College of Sciences and Arts in Alrass as well as College of Sciences and Arts in Nabhaniyah.

Besides teaching, she studied English as a second language in Los Angeles, California at California State University.


  • MTH105-Discrete Mathematics
  • MTH211-Calculus II
  • STT102-Introduction to Statistics
  • STT103-Probability and Statistics